Ghostbusterz by Jokes Up! x Blue VVS Exotics




Jokes Up! x Blue VVS Exotics






Sample was given to me directly from the Ghostbusterz team.


Packs from Jokes Up! usually run about $75


Blueberry Muffins, Vanilla Cupcake, light B.O. Sweat w/ Nail Polish Remover, (Sweet & Nutty, Savory Pepper core).


Large, beautiful, pale green nugs drenched in sparkling trichs. Humidity is nice, cure is great, manicure/trim very good. Moderate amount of stick. A grade.


Dry Pull: Vanilla Pistachio Cake

Combustion: slightly Floral Mixed Berry Yogurt, Nutella Crepe, lingering Butane Play-Doh.

Vapor: Creamy, Nutty Cookie.


Above Average-Heavy Strength – Definitely not one for beginners. Feels like a 50/50 hybrid with a spacey, hazy head high couples with a weighted chest, heavy limbs, and mild couch lock symptoms. Slightly sedative, definitely chill.


Jokes Up! is a traditional market brand (as of now), that is known for its multiple phenos of exotic flower. The strains feature playful marketing inspired by pop culture, aesthetics, and source material from the 80’s and 90’s. Packs tend to circle the East Coast, but rarely make it out to the West – they tend to be a pretty rare drop. So, I was very excited when the team from a new flavor, Ghostbusterz, a collab between Jokes Up! and Blue VVS Exotics, reached out to see if I’d like to try some of the flower out for some honest feedback. I picked up my shiny mylar sample pack, and let me tell you… I was not expecting this nose!

When I first opened this pack my endorphins began to rush as the sweet, loud scent of Costco brand blueberry muffins just pours out. Oh darling, this couldn’t be even more heavenly. A second whiff on the bag turns more into blueberry pancakes, no, wait, there’s vanilla cupcake now! A deeper drag brings forth a slight mint and nail polish on the back end.

The whole experience is very sweet, creamy, and I can’t help but bring the bud to my nose every time I break down the nug into the bowl, which introduces some of those savory pepper notes, and ground nuts. These terps are calling my name.

Humidity and sticky is right in the middle between perfect for those who like their bud really sticky for combustion, and perfect for those that like a bit of a drier cure for vaping. This is the best of both worlds.

Combustion couldn’t be any more smooth on the inhale, with a light floral berry note that gets quickly overtaken by a yogurt-funk. Exhale starts to turn aggressive on the throat, with that almost lavender-like butane that starts the base of the flavor. As far as toppings, I got some shaved hazelnut, and powdered sugar, with a butane-injected play-doh bitersweet chocolate syrup . It’s a bit of a flavor-seeker.

At 340°F, the whole flavor, from beginning to end, morphs into a creamy, nutty sugar cookie with slight chocolate edge. It remind me of a bowl of chocolate frosted mini wheats soaked in whole milk. Or maybe milk-dunked Oreos. It’s delightful.

For me, effects were quite heavy. I took some notes during a morning session, and as the first hit of the day I would not recommend unless you wanna go back to bed. Effects starting to wear down around the two hour mark.

Even though the crosses are undisclosed, if I had to take a hard guess… judging from the budstructure, aroma, composition, flavor, and effects, this really screams MAC x (C&C, Oreoz, or Sugar Cone). I would put hard money down that I’m very, very close on this one. And that is a wicked combo if you ask me. Honestly, I didn’t expect to be quite such a fan of this one, thanks again to the Ghostbusterz crew for hooking it up!

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥