Cherry Cookies by Jungle Boys

Strain: Cherry Cookies
Who @jungleboys
Lineage: Fire OG x GSC

Stats: 25.87% THC .05% CBD
30.96% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Carnation Flower, Spicy Baking Dough, Lavender, Dried Fruit, Anise.

Structure: Med/Small nugs, fine cure and trim. Leafy, sticky, and a little flattened by the bag.

Palate: Sweet Earth, Dark Berry Rubioos Tea, Cumin, Herbal Root and Leafy finish.

Effect: Mild Strength – Some body euphoria, heavy limbs, and light, hazy head pressure.

Overall: Fire OG is a strain that I’ve really enjoyed by itself and in many other crosses over the years. So on my last run to TLC, I noticed that it was the Mother in Cherry Cookies, so decided to throw it in with my other loot and see what’s up.

As the pack is torn open, I am hit with a small sensation on my nose that reminds me of the moment when you first walk into a florist shop. It’s sweet, not overpowering, and a hint of dew. I break up the bud as a sweet, peppery dough opens up. On the backend I pick up a little lavender, and even some licorice. The terps are moderate, but I’m still holding hope the flavor will come through.

Because of the bud’s clam-like leaf structure it’s very difficult to break down by hand, but totally necessary for the proper burn. After breaking a chunk off the stem I have to peel back leaves one by one like I’m eating an artichoke.

Combusting the herb brings an herbal medicine note, like if you emptied the contents of an herbal multi-vitamin into my mouth. There’s a a dry tea leaf note that’s slightly sour and woody. It finishes with pepper and vegetation.

Sorry to make this one a little short, but this one was a miss for me. Not offensive, but just nothing special at all.

The Fire Scale: 5/10 flamey-whuh-nannas

I’ve got one more pack of Jungle Boys ready to go, but after that I think I’m gonna take a bit of a break unless something really pulls me back in. Heard that MAC that just dropped yesterday is fire though.

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