Pigg Pen by BackpackBoyz

Pigg Pen

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Cornmeal, Soil, Sour Mash, Mixed Nuts, Library Books, Woody undertone.

Structure: Excellent cure, sticky. A bit leafy, but chunky.

Extreme Sweet Gas, Bread Yeast, Fertilizer, Cannabis Leaf.

Above-Average Strength – Big head high, elevated heart rate, body euphoria.

Oooh-Weeee! I don’t know the crosses on this stinky bastard, but I would bet this is a throwback to some skunky, old-school landrace roots. These are the kind of terps that fill the room, so aggressive they become almost odorless when brought up to the nose; you gotta stand back a little to get the full effect: A ruinous, wasteland barnyard feed tray sounds about right.

Large, beanstock-like, bulbous buds haphazardly assemble on top of each other to form a structure that looks like something out of an end-of-game Fortnite firefight.

Combusting the herb brings a potent sweet oat & gas exhaust on the inhale, unlike the sour or lemon gas that permeates the current gene pool meta. The exhale brings funky, dirty chickpea notes, resolving into that classic cannabis leaf taste that just sticks around for a couple seconds.

In summation, this bud is grown very well, the effects are strong, plus, the aroma and the taste are loud. Despite that, I just can’t get on board with these terpenes. They scare me.

The Fire Scale: 7/10 flame-pourkees

Did you get your hands on some Pigg Pen? I’ve seen it make it’s way through the states. I wonder if it will ever see a drop in dispos. What is your favorite “unreleased” bboyz/5points strain?