Roze by Green Habitat

Strain: Roze
Who @greenhabitat_official
Lineage: Zkittlez x Unknown Herm

Stats: 25.2% THC
29.7% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Hard Strawberry Candy, Rose, Strawberry Milkshake.

Structure: Med/Small nugs. Some yellowing leaves underneath. Dense and dry.

Palate: Sweet Cream, Floral Floor Cleaner, Lingering Tastless Gas (more on this in description.)

Effect: Average Strength – Stoney, hazy head high. Relaxed body with heavy limbs.

Overall: The first time I opened the jar of Roze left me with a lackluster impression. There were hardly any terps, buds were dry, and I really didn’t even feel like putting in the effort to smoke it. But, for science, I loaded a small bowl and took a rip. Not much there. Oh well, let’s move on to something else. I stuck a 62% Boveda pack in the jar and tossed it into the back of the stash box. Thankfully, I’ve been slowly but surely making my way through my backlog, and I knew I had to get to this one at some point; but I had forgotten all about it. Fast forward 3 weeks later as I crack open the jar once again:

The sweetest, creamiest Strawberry terps you can find just bust out of this jar. Straight up like you are sucking on a Strawberry Jolly Rancher or chewing on a piece of Strawberry Bubble Yum. This Boveda pack appeared to have totally brought back the bud to life. Still sporting a tough exterior, it crumbles off while the interior breaks up much easier.

While breaking down the bud I notice that these nugs don’t have any shimmer to them at all. They are just a bit flat, like paper.

Behind the thick, harsh smoke I get heavy whipping cream, and a familiar floor cleaner terp that is usually accompanied by lemon, but that citrus is missing here. The whole palate finish fills up my mouth with a gassy astringency, but any butane/diesel/exhaust is absent. It’s a strange sensation.

All in all, I can see the potential of this strain, but this batch… did not work.

The Fire Scale: 3/10 flamez-vep-pongohs


Anyone tried Roze? I feel like it could be super delicious if grown well. Also why did this Boveda pack work but sometimes just kill the terps? Anyone notice a pattern?

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