Blue Dream by Source

Strain: Blue Dream
Who: @source_cannabis
Lineage: Blueberry x Haze

Stats: 26.5% THC .04% CBD
30.6% Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: Dryer Sheet, Candy Fruit, Mixed Nuts, Pepper, Green Tea Ice Cream, Butyric Acid.

Structure: Gigantic, dense nug. Sticky af, breaks apart like cotton candy. Perfect trim.

Palate: Sour Dried Fruit, Jasmine Root, Floral Marshmallow, lingering Antacid Tablet (TUMS)

Effect: Medium Strength: Floaty head high with light, comforting pressure around temples, back of eyes. Relaxed body, with a desire to be active.

Overall: When I first started writing this review, I realized that there isn’t anything new that I can say about this household-name strain. So I can only push aside those other articles and share with you my personal experience.

TLDR: @source_cannabis again with tremendous job cultivating this legendary strain. If you are hankering for a good batch of Blue Dream or maybe haven’t had it before, this is what you want to find in your jar, fantastic.

The Fire Scale: 8/10 flamez-zee-zee-zees

Blueberries have been my favorite snack since I was a kid. A bowl of frozen blueberries that have been sitting out at room temperature for about 10 minutes are God’s gift to mankind… plus weed, and dogs, of course.

So when I first got my hands on Blueberry, this was a looong time ago, I was so excited to dig into the terps of my  flavor. I squeezed the sides of the red plastic jar to pop the lid to find something sweet, floral, a mixture of fruit going on, but not the rich, dark natural blueberry aroma. This is more bright, like blueberry candy if anything.

So when people talk about Blue Dream or other Blueberry crosses as having these creamy blueberry terps I don’t doubt their perspective, but that’s not what I pick up.

For discussion, Does Banana OG actually taste like Banana? Grape Pie? Pineapple OG? Strawberry Cough? Etc.

Are the identifiers and vocabulary we use to associate our brains with these flavors are the best we got?

Personally, I’ve always found that terps from herb are more unique, layered, and complicated. Many sensory experiences come in, it’s part of why I love weed so much.

What do you think?