RS11 by Doja

Strain: RS11
Who: Doja – Deo Farms – Wizard Trees
Lineage: OZ Kush GuavaV2 x Sunset Sherbet

Stats: 27.48% THC 0.17% CBD
32.41 Total Cannabinoids

Aroma: New Rubber Shoe, Sour Musk, Sweet Rosemary, Fermented Fruit, Funky Pepper.

Structure: Dark, dense nugs with a great cure. Mostly small to medium-sized. Fine trim.

Palate: Sour Gas, Warheads Candy Floor Cleaner, Rainbow Sour Belt, Light Floral touch, lingering Minty Burnt Rubber.

Effect: Above-Average Strength – Very relaxing. Definitely some body buzz with a euphoric, hazy head high.

Overall: I tear open the unassuming bag to discover some head-turning terps. I get that new tennis ball smell, some sour musk, sweet pine, with old and dried fruit. I crack open the bud as a caryophyllene funk shoots up into my senses. This deft blend makes it easy to identify the astringent limonene, floral linalool, pinene, etc. This is the most complex nose I’ve had this year.

These buds are packed to the brim, no space wasted anywhere here. My bag had just two medium nugs and a couple smalls that made up my 1/8th. Dense stuff here. As I break up the bud my fingers are coated in sticky pine, lemon, and lime sap.

I’m strapped into a carousel of flavor as sour gas and mint start the ride on the inhale. The exhale is a swirl of mouth-puckering sour berry candy floor cleaner and citrus peel. The ride finishes with lingering sensation that pans between melted rubber and musky gelato gas. This one took me 4-5 bowls to write everything down in real-time. There is so much to uncover here.

This is a potent strain, too. I’m feeling optimistic, happy, and totally relaxed. This a great smoke for anytime of the day.

From beginning to end, this is tremendous strain. Killer job Doja on cultivating this beast. Really stoked that I got a chance to check this one, and I definitely recommend you do the same.

The Fire Scale: 9/10 flamee-skah-zyngas