Bananalato by Synergy




Synergy Cannabis


Banana OG x Gelato #33


26.98% THC .06% CBD
32.27% Total Cannabinoids


Around $50 in most dispensaries


Kiwi, Cheesy Diesel, Foreign Fruit, Pool Water, touch of Grass.


Squishy medium-sized nugs. Still fresh for being in the jar for 8 months ο˜‘


Ranch Dressing, Banana Marshmallow, Mint, Pepper, lingering Surfboard Wax.


Average Strength – Feels like a 50/50 hybrid with a even mix between head and body. Makes me zone out a little.


As I’m taking photos, I notice a detail that sends a palm straight to my forehead… this was packaged in February. It’s mid-October and I bought this only two weeks ago… let’s hope it still has some life.

I crank the child safety lid at least two dozen times and for a second I am convinced that the contents will be sealed inside forever, but it finally comes free.

Nose isn’t strong, but it’s not weak either. Picking up notes of sun-dried fruit, cheesy gelato gas, and a slightly chlorinated breeze that finishes with a hint of fresh-cut grass.

Surprisingly, the bud is fairly moist for it’s lifespan. Cracking it open does not bring any extra Aroma, but it is nice and soft as I pack a bowl.

Wonderfully smooth inhale filled with spicy, sour, creamy terps that remind me of my Grandma’s ranch dressing that she makes every Thanksgiving. The exhale is like a cream puff cloud of banana meringue terps, pillow mint, and hops. It finishes with a waxy, salty dough that sticks around for longer than I like.

Joyful, Euphoric, and Comforting, with Slight Sedation are all accurate when describing the effects of Bananalato, but it didn’t last too long for me.

So my lesson learned here is… ask every damn time about the package date. And don’t be afraid to say no if I want something else more fresh.

But all in all, I dug this one, at least more than I did GSB. I’d really be interested in diving back into some of the other strains, providing I can get a recent batch. For now…

The Fire Scale:

6/10 flamoo-vie-ohh-lurps


Do you always ask about the package date before you buy? How long is too long for you?