Triple Scoop by Your Highness


Triple Scoop


Your Highness


26.89% THC <2% CBD


$64 at TLC


Hot Cacao, Stone Fruit Leather, Cheese Danish, Sour Gas, Funky Pepper.


Small, compressed nugs. A tad dry on the cure for my taste, but perfect for others.


Vanilla Milkshake, Salted Caramel, Gassy Rotting Fruit, Roasted Hazelnut Diesel and Rubber finish.


High Strength – Sedative body high. Euphoric, comforting head pressure.


Step right up, cause we got a loud, saucy bag of terps right here, folks. Deep, rich Hot Chocolate aroma is steaming, while a musky, sun-dried cranberry and sour cherry brews. There’s a sweet cheesy note against gas that comes up like you’re eating a cheese danish while filling up at the pump. As I break open the bud, I get that familiar sourdough caryophyllene pepper.

Some buds carry more kief than others; but all are frosty, albeit dry on the outside with some moisture left intact at the core.

Damn, Gina. The inhale on this smoke is sweet, thick, creamy, and rich, like melted ice cream. Exhaling this cloud brings sour exotic fruit with an organic berry fruit-roll-up twist if it was somehow in the form of a Sharpie marker. The last act concludes with a roasted, nutty, smooth, tank of sour diesel with milky pepper note that tastes like some gravy that you’d pour all over biscuits.

On top of it all, this smacked… but not for too long. A relaxing, sedative body high from top to bottom set me in my couch comfortably as I write these words. My head is swimming a little with some pressure on my temples to behind my eyes. The only caveat, it doesn’t last for long… felt more like a dab for some reason?

Triple Scoop is a triple-threat of aroma, flavor, and effect. This batch was was knocked down a flamey pointzer because of the structure category, but overall this was SOLID. Definitely grab a pack if you like the sound of this one.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 flamerz-lipz-leapzkinz 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

Anyone try Triple Scoop or other Your Highness strains? This was a great first impression and I definitely wanna check out more of their fantastic work.