Lemon Cherry Gelato by Cannatique


Lemon Cherry Gelato




25.37% THC .06% CBD
25.92 Total Cannabinoids


Around $75+ when you can find it.


Smelly Feet, Sour Milk Pound Cake, Parmigiano Reggiano, Bromine, Citrus Zest, Chocolate-Covered Cherry.


Small/Medium-sized nugs with an exceptional cure, drenched in Kief. Loud terps. Fine manicure and trim.


Thin Yogurt Inhale, Lemon Floor Cleaner Chemical Zest Exhale, Cherry Sharpie Marker, lingering Dough with a slight Butane finish.


Medium Strength – Clear Headed, Inspiritational, Productive, Bright Head-High. Loose limbs, but not heavy.


Absolutely adore the art design for this jar. It reminds me of an early to mid-century travel poster that could read something like “Ski the Beautiful Swiss Alps…Visit Switzerland!” You get the idea. Anyway, let’s crack open the jar.

Oh yeah, I dig this. Loud, musky terps like you’re riding on a Disneyland boat attraction (Pirates, Splash, Small World etc.) It’s that smell of bromine, and maybe even some sour Pirate foot whose recently traversed through a lemon field. In the background, but rising more to the surface after a week or so in the jar, are notes of grated cheese, and chocolate stone-fruit.

Impressive cure. I really like sticky bud that almost feels like it’s still curing in the package. This is not quite at that level, but the humidity is just where I like it, and burns all white.

Combustion brings a delicate, creamy note with a slight gassy edge. The exhale: a strong lemon champagne jelly bean note that was spiked with some Pledge. It’s a sweet, astringent experience that reminded me of Gelonade. It doesn’t stop as there’s a cherry sharpie taste that comes in, similar to the White Cherry Gelato I just had; followed by a GSC-like dough and a subtle clean, butane finish.

I’m surprised that the sour fruit, musk, or gelato doesn’t come through as much as it does on the nose. That can be welcoming or disheartening depending on what you like. For me, this is much more of a limonene dominated flavor profile and gelato is on the light side.

Is it worth picking up? I’d say so, this is bud handled with extreme care, exclusive genetics, and is just solid all-around. I think this could swing back and forth between 8-9, but for this batch I had…

The Fire Scale:

9/10 flamez-sqwuh-ckles πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯

I did notice that the bright lemon astringency really mellowed out, allowing more of the cherry notes to come through after a couple days of being open. Does anyone else notice certain flavors become sometimes more pronounced as a little big longer on the cure?