OZ Kush by Wonderbrett x Dr. Greenthumb


OZ Kush


Wonderbrett x Dr. Greenthumb


Zkittlez x OG Kush


28.73% THC 34.90% Total Cannabinoids


$55 from Sun Valley Caregivers


Tropical Fruit & Citrus Sour Candy, Blue Raspberry, Dryer Sheet, Pine Needle Kush.


Medium-sized with a couple smalls. Excellent cure, trim, great humidity. Wonderbrett always handles with care.


Tart Pine, Floral Blueberry, Sour Skittles, Glue & Kush.


Average Strength: Stoney, uplifting, creative, yet slightly sedative couch-lock. Some pressure in the forehead and temples.


This won’t be the most entertaining or surprising review that I’ve written. I gotta say that Wonderbrett has been consistent af for me. The terps are always on point, the bud feels fresh when I open it for the first time; even the packaging is attractive. To top it off, the price point on this was excellent for the quality.

I cracked this one open while filming a strain review episode for “How To Smoke” with Ari from Cannapedia Reviews.

Deciphering these rudimentary aromas almost feels like Terpenes 101 as we dig in to that classic dank sour pine OG Kush smell. Accompanying this classic cannabis scent are the bright, slightly floral, and definitely citrus-based aromas; lastly topped with an artificial candy berry shade. This subversion of my previous “locked in” OG Kush bias is quite welcoming and I only hope it shows up exactly the same in the flavor.

Yep. Sure does. The smoke is smooth, and a little thick, but this matches the aroma without any surprises. Inhale wants to let out all those kushy tones, but any developing flavor restricts itself until the exhale. Fresh laundry sheet with citric acid citrus and berry candy make up the Zkittlez profile before giving way again once again for the lingering slight glue/fuel/pine notes from the OG.

All around, this is a great pickup. Very happy with trying this one out. If you want that classic kush profile topped with a layer of sour candy, you are gonna dig this one.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 fluh-hame-zuckles 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥