Chocolope by Korova






OG Chocolate Thai x Cannalope Haze


Around $55


25.21% THC .06% CBD


Wet Vegetation, Toothpaste, Spoiled Milk, Baby Poop, Rotting Stone Fruit, Saltwater.


Dense for a Sativa, but is soft and breaks apart with ease. Dull, lifeless buds. Fine trim/manicure.


Pepper, Hops, Carrot Pulp, Roasted Nuts, Umami Seasoning, slight woody dental finish.


Average Strength – Body buzz & euphoria with a super hazy head high. High heart rate and sense of body awareness. Stoney. The kind of herb that causes your mind to drift, maybe you stare at the back of your hand for an hour or so.


If you want to relive your experience with the weed that your plug used to have in ziploc bag that came out of the freezer, here ya go.

From the moment I open the jar the old-school, pungent sour earth, mashed peas and vegetable scent hits me like a freight train. There a bit of incense, something salty, and landfill with a diaper or two thrown into the heap. Some pepper, too.

These type of strains weren’t known for their glitz and glitter, and this one isn’t any different. Under a light, this shines like brown cardboard. The flat, chunky leaves with a decent cure and proper humidity are its only saving grace.

I’ll admit, the smoke is a little harsh, roasted and spicy. A serious vegetable root taste, somewhere between a yam and a carrot creeps up. This gift of flavor is wrapped in a beautiful bow of slightly oxidized organic toothpaste. Yum.

If I ever have a hankering to relive the days of paying for stress, mids, and herb that I expect to be filled with seeds, I’d definitely buy this again. Maybe this is a good version of this classic, grungy strain… this is my first time with Chocolope so it very would could be. In the end, I’d rather spend my time and money elsewhere.

The Fire Scale:

0/10 fluh-hume-a-whazzos

No Fire