Natillaz by BackpackBoyz

Strain: Natillaz

Who: BackpackBoyz x Top Tier x 5 Points LA

Cultivator: Flowerchild Farms

Price: Around $65+

Aroma: Vague notes of minty cannabis leaf and butane.

Structure: Medium/Small-sized nugs shaped like tiny boulders. Dense, yet humidity is okay so it breaks apart in chunky stacks of leaves.

Palate: Plain Wafer, lingering Stovetop Gas.

Effects: Mild – Some hazy, head pressure dominates the experience. Small bit of body buzz.

Overall: Like most BBoyz strains, the crosses of Natillaz are hidden. It’s an exciting game to play, having to completely rely on my senses: Smell, Sight, Touch, Taste, but I am always ready for the challenge.

The smell? I’m not kidding you when I tell you this, there is almost literally zero aroma coming from this bag. I bring a nug up to my nose and break it open, but all I get is the slightest hint of Wintergreen, Gas, and Cannabis (not even a bit of pine, lemon, etc.) Any terps that were here have abandoned their post long ago.

These buds are dense like a stale doughnut, and carry a flat reflective sheen. There’s proper humidity inside the bud, it hasn’t been dried out too much, so where the f@$% are the terpenes?

Honestly, the smoke isn’t any better. Inhale is thin and agitating, while the exhale brings an unflavored wafer texture to my palate. There’s a lingering butane note, like as if there was a gas leak in the oven, that fills up my mouth all the way to the back of my throat.

Lastly, with my high tolerance, this hardly had any effect. So let me ask this logical question to myself and readers… If the herb doesn’t smell like anything, look good, taste good, or if it doesn’t have any strong, lasting effect… why does a company put this crap out? Without question, this is the worst BackpackBoyz strain I’ve had so far. They need to retire this one.

The Fire Scale: 1/10 flamez-o’-plenteez 🔥