Florida Sunrise by Jungle Boys


Florida Sunrise


Jungle Boys


Green Crack x TK bx1


$46 with a medical rec from Los Angeles Farmers


Orchid, POG Juice, Mango Pulp.


Airy and soft, preferable humidity. Nice trim and cure.


High temp: Sour Woody Spice, touch of lingering Gas, subtle Mango & Peach Skin.

Low temp: Fresh Orchid with a hint of Tropical Fruit Basket.


Average – Warm, focused head high with some nice body relaxation and buzz.


I swear, I was all set and ready to take a long, if not indefinite, break from Jungle Boys… that was until I saw this strain pop up on their Instagram. I darted through traffic down to Los Angeles Farmers and was able to score a pack. By the time I got home, just a mere 20 minutes later, the post had been deleted off insta by JB, and the menu was no longer showing any stock. That’s how fast some of these strains go.

Now why did I rush down for a pack of fire mids? Green Crack. If you know me, I always proclaim this strain as my all-time favorite, and I haven’t been able to find a good batch for at least a decade. So when I saw GC in the cross for Florida Sunrise, you know I was rushing like a madman down there. Let’s see how it stacks up.

I’m very happy to report that these terps are loud on the nose, and carries that familiar Fresh Squeezed Tropical Juice, Mango and Pineapple Pulp that I absolutely love from Green Crack. Yet there is something unique here that I’ve never had in cannabis… and it’s a smell that I’ve only had when landing in Maui, Hawaii. Like I’ve been graced with a Orchid Flower Lei straight out of the refrigerator.

Structure of the bud looks just light Green Crack, with a couple nugs having a little bushy, indica flair to them. Really happy that these buds aren’t a dry cure like some of the more recent packs. This has buoyancy and leaves a wonderful, floral smell on my fingers after I break it down.

My first toke brings the unexpected taste of pine, earth, and spice. Ok, here’s the Triangle Kush coming into play now. Sadly, the juicy, exotic flavors from the GC reside in the backend of my palate during the lingering flavor change. Second, third, and fourth tokes are the same.

Disappointed, I decide to pack a very large bowl, and merely hover my heat wand above to get more of a low temp/vaporizer and see if that makes a difference. Oh boy, it does. Those Orchid flowers go straight to my tongue, while the juice pulp blooms in the background.

So while I would highly recommend this strain to people who can burn their terpenes at a low temperature, I don’t think I can to the standard temps that come from combustion. This one is a mixed bag for me.

The Fire Scale:

6/10 flamur-squees 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥