Rainbow Chip by Exotic Genetix


Rainbow Chip


Exotic Genetix


Sunset Sherbert x Mint Chocolate Chip


$64 after 20% discount at Daddy’s Dispensary


25.50% THC .04% CBD 29.68% Total Cannabinoids


Velveeta Cheese Nachos, Uncultured Milk, Red Licorice, Soap, Minty & Nutty Floral Pepper core.


Great trim, nug selection, and cure. Even shade of jade throughout, with some dusty orange kief covering the outside.


Lavender Dryer Sheet, Lime, Smarties Candy Chalk, lingering Play-Doh.


Average Strength – Clear-headed, optimistic, balanced, with a slight sativa lean to this hybrid.


First off, this has got some freaking weird terps going on here. When I first stuck my nose in here, I was taken aback by the sour, yet mild processed cheese smell. Then in comes this unfiltered, yeasty, spoiled milk aroma before diving into a waxy, Red Vine licorice scent (not Twizzlers) against some soap that sticks to my fingers as I break up the bud. Core of the bud brings the caryophyllene pepper funk that has somehow merged with a dry, floral atmosphere. I’m all about it.

I’m pleased with the humidity here, and the large nug that I received admist a couple smalls was fortunate. Great quality control here.

The inhale is thick, biting, and hits the back of my throat like methol sans mint. The exhale tastes like a dryer sheet thats been rolled up with some lavender and coriander, while a hint of lime zest finishes through a tart, crushed hard candy note. Last, the whole taste evolves into something that resembles over-seasoned raw pretzel dough. I don’t even know what to make of this one.

Clearly, Exotic Mike has got a real talent for selecting unconvential phenos, because this strain is totally unique. There’s familiar scents and tastes, yes, but the wacky notes that fly in here and there shape this strain into something much more memorable. Rainbow Chip had me dig deep, and if you are looking for that flavor-seeker experience, seek no further.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 fyya-fluh-hoomers 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥