Kobe OG by Packwoods


Kobe OG




True OG pheno


$80 from PausePlay


Dank Purple, Cedar, Red Grape Cream, Pool Water, Blackberry Pepper core.


Extremely dense, coated in a glitter that has seen its day. Way too dry for my taste. Nice nug selection.


Tart Pine, Mellow Earth, Creamy Dough notes, Deep Purple and Grape Skin finish.


Above-Average Strength – Warm, fuzzy head high with a very relaxed body buzz. Heavy limbs all around with a strong desire to lie down.


My last experience with Packwoods was abhorrent, but here we are again sampling Kobe OG. First off, packing is cute, but I got a real problem with these plastic jars and Integra packs affixed into the lid. Those Integra packs suck ass and they need to get rid of them.

My expectations are low as I twist the silicone seal. Not surprised, the terps are barely there, so I took the humidity pack out, and left it for a couple days to see if the terps might not be as suffocated.

After almost a week, I came back to Kobe and popped it again. Definitely much louder terps than before, but still on the medium side. The nose is sweet, woody, and creamy against the unmistakable red grape scent. Breaking open the bud reveals notes of dark berry and pepper dough.

Like the last 1/8th from Packwoods, this bud is as dry as the Sahara. There’s an exceptional amount of shimmering trichs on the bud, and it looks gorgeous, but breaking down this bud by hand takes me 4-5x longer than an average nug. There’s no smell left on my fingers.

Despite the poor humidity, the smoke is still fairly smooth, and thick. The inhale doesn’t hold much flavor, but the exhale delivers a steady stream of deep, dank purple strains like GDP, Blackberry, and Purple Urkle. There’s some fresh cut wood, forest, and a nice balance of sweet, earthy dough. On the lingering backend, a natural red grape skin (not the flesh) sticks around for an ample amount of time. It’s not too complicated, but enjoyable.

Overall, I definitely enjoyed the aroma and flavor, although I wish it were a bit more present. But, they have some serious issues with the bud drying out, and for the premium price that shouldn’t be happening. Honestly, if this wasn’t named Kobe OG, people wouldn’t bother with it.

The Fire Scale: 5/10 flamee-coh-beez πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯