Gross by The Fire Society




The Fire Society


Around $80+


25.38% THC


Sweet Nutty Dough, Buttered Popcorn, Funky Black Pepper Sausage Gravy Core, hint of Pine sap.


Gigantic, beautiful nugs. Amazing cure, sticky as all hell. Extremely dense.


Meaty Hazelnut Dough Gas, Mushroom, Breakfast Sausage, Creamy Pepper, lingering clean Diesel and Umami sauce.


Heavy – A creeper. Started right behind the eyelids and then settles into the body. Stoney, unfocused, couch lock. Big waves of body high, sedative. Melting brain.


My eye is first drawn to the psychedelic artwork on the label; the mascot creature reminds me of Rat Fink, very Ed Roth inspired. For a more contemporary reference, it’s the same art that I would expect to find on a new King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard record. Either way, it’s badass.

Breaking the seal on the jar welcomes an aroma that reminds me of MAC with it’s sweet nutty dough. A hint of buttered caramel popcorn is there as I bring my nose super close to the herb. Terps are about a medium level, and I’m a little confused as to why this strain is called “Gross”

But onto the structure, holy crap, it’s like these buds are still curing inside the jar, they’re so damn sticky. To top it off, they’re doused in glitter. Hundreds of crystals reflect light as I move my head back and forth, wowzers.

I break open the bud and I smacked with an aroma that makes me feel like I’ve just been dropped on the griddle of a busy breakfast diner; I can smell all the savory food that’s been cooking all day. These funky terps are so strong and porky that I can literally taste them as I breathe in through my mouth. Unreal.

And yeah… the palate is equally as exciting.. The inhale is smooth, and has trace amounts of beef broth, with some nutty gas. The exhale delivers another savory experience as I’m getting notes of bone marrow, pork fat, with a lingering diesel and Top Ramen umami sensation.

Overall, #thisshitisgross and I’m absolutely squealing over the totally unique terp profile, and on top of that it smacked hard. Need I say more?

The Fire Scale:

9/10 flamin’-pluu-horkees 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥