Pemmex by BackpackBoyz






Billy Kimber OG x Gushers




Keratolysis, Evergreen, Foreign Fruit, Pine, touch of Diesel.


One med/large-sized nug with several smalls. Stacked, and dense. Decent cure, sticky at the core.


Sour Waxy Fruit, Wet Pine, Wood Bark, hint of Fertilizer, Gassy Forest finish


Average Strength – Relaxed, focused, creative, calming. Feels like a slight lean towards indica, but maintains an uplifting OG quality.


Once I heard about the crosses for Pemmex, Billy Kimber x Gushers, I immediately put this on my cannaradar. Finally, there was an opportunity to snag a pack thanks to @cali.budshots and the game was on!

No surprises here as I’m met with rich deep-in-the-woods pinecone and needles candle scent against some musky dark fruit leather. A drop of freshly pumped diesel is deep within the mylar bag.

My batch is fresh, sticky in the core, and doesn’t look like any OG I’ve seen before. Instead, the tight, dark purple gelato hue from the Gushers has overtaken any shade of traditional emerald green.

Inhale is thick and super smooth, with the sour waxy artifical blue raspberry fruit hitting me right away. The exhale delivers that clean OG pine and fuel sans citrus before giving way for some notes of wood bark and Cow πŸ„ field. It’s strange, yet inviting.

Pemmex may not win any awards or shatter anyone’s expectations, but it falls right in the middle as a dependable pick-up. If you come across it, and you like the sound of these terps, give it a shot. I liked it.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 flamaaa-troogins πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯