Cereal Milk by Cannabiotix


Cereal Milk




Strawberry Lemonade x Thin Mints


Around $65 at most shops.


29.75% THC .06% CBD
36.17% Total Cannabinoids 3.12% Total Terpenes


Strawberry Pound Cake, Froot Loops, mild Dryer Sheet, light Vomit.


Huge nug and some smalls. Excellent cure, humidity, manicure, trim. Very dense, yet soft.


Creamy Toasted Oats, Sour Berry Milk, Citrus Cookie, tinge of lingering Rubbery Gas.


Above-Average Strength – Hazy, euphoric, comforting head pressure. Relaxed, heavy limbs, and slightly sedative. Pretty stoney.


Inspector Ganja and I first cracked this one open while filming a strain review episode for “How To Smoke”. So this review  will end up being slightly different now that I’ve had some more time with the strain.

First off, this is not the Cereal Milk from Cookies. This strain has a completely separate lineage, structure, and terpene profile, and dare I say already, it’s much better.

In the jar, I get the smell of strawberry froot loops that have been sitting in a bowl of milk for too long, and a hint of fresh laundry. Unexpectedly, my least favorite terpene, terpinolene, which is commonly picked up in Jack Herer (one of my least favorite strains), smacks me right in the face. Aye… That’s alright, I can appreciate this well-constructed blend, even if that hint of upchuck does stick out to me.

As noted above, the structure is close to perfect, which has been standard for each jar of Cannabiotix that I’ve had.

True to its name, this smoke straight up tastes like the bottom of a bowl of cereal, with grainy oats and all the fixins’. Sour fruity milk is present alongside some lemon frosted Christmas cookie dough. And let’s not forget that hint of rubber diesel inconspicuously hanging out in the background. I see you.

Don’t smoke this as your M-F wake n’ bake. This is more appropriate for Saturday morning cartoons. I suggest reruns of The Jetsons, Looney Tunes, or South Park… okay Rick and Morty, too. It’s a stoney giggler.

Was this overhyped for me? Yeah, a bit. But is it solid, hell yes. I would have given this an extra flameeypoint if the terps were a bit louder out of the jar. For me, the flavor was not nearly as mouth-coating as L’Orange or Casino Kush, but maybe it was just this batch. Honestly, if this review was strictly for myself it would be rated lower. But putting my bias aside, it deserves a high score.

The Fire Scale: 8/10 flamee-gluckeez πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯