D33 by Source Cannabis




Source Cannabis


Dosidos x Gelato


26.5% THC 31.4% Total Cannabinoids


$60 at most shops


Sweet Earth, hint of Sour Pine, Funky Rubber Pepper core.


High Temp: Herbal Dough, Hops, some Butane, lingering Earthy Cannabis Leaf & hint of Nutty Rubber.

Low Temp: Sweet Mint, Pink Eraser.


Medium Strength – Much more indica dominant feeling, with some body high waves, heavy limbs, hazy head.


This is the 5th strain I’ve tried this year from Source. I keep coming back because the quality, the consistency I’ve seen has been superior. And I expect nothing less from D-33.

Unusual… terpenes are very quiet in the jar. From the nose, Dosidos seems to be the dominating parent, with its vanilla soil, and vague hint of forest and light spice.

It will be evident in the pictures, but this 1/8th was littered with moderately dry, small nugs. Breaking open the bud exposes caryophyllene as the main terpene as I get a moderately loud, rotten, rubber pepper aroma.

Smoke is neither harsh, nor smooth, and residing somewhere in the middle with no flavor on the inhale. Expect the exhale to bring familiar Herbal Tea, GSC dough, a bunch of spice and mild hops. On the tail end, there’s a little bit of OG pine and hazelnut baby bottle nipple.

I’ve heard from a couple people that they really liked this strain, maybe I got a bad batch or it just didn’t agree with me. But from the weak aroma, poor nug selection, humidity, and uninviting flavor profile… sorry Source, bummed that this one was a hard miss for me.

The Fire Scale:

3/10 flooga-woogas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥