Casino Kush by Cannabiotix


Casino Kush




OG Kush Pheno


32.03% THC .08% CBD 38.67% Total Cannabinoids 2.52% Total Terpenes


Around $65 on average.


Wintergreen, Cannabis Leaf, Kushy Pine.


Super sticky and dank. Great nug selection, trim, manicure, cure.


Sour Wet Pine. Clean fuel. OG Kush, lingering Sweet Earthy Dough.


Mild – Calming, comfortable body high with light head pressure.


Working my way through the CBX line-up brings us to Casino Kush, which is basically their version of OG Kush, a personal favorite of mine. While this strain is definitely not considered exotic, and might not be the most interesting or exciting review, it’s still damn good. Uniqueness will not play a part in today’s rating: #thefirescale – I’m just judging it on how good of a batch this particular cultivar is.

Out of the jar, the aroma is somewhat muted. Yet, I am pleased with the proverbial notes of minty forest and pine kush. It’s that familiar scent and flavor that is often poorly imitated by novelty cannabis candy, but you know it when you know it.

I cannot emphasize enough how sticky these buds are… it’s like they are still curing inside the container. For some, that may be a problem, you might want to leave it open for a day or so to let it dry out more. But for my taste, this bud that sticks to my fingers like glue is just how I dig it.

Whatever lacked in the aroma is made up in the flavor tenfold. My mouth is soaked in that classic, dank OG Kush taste on the exhale. Unlike modern cuts of OG, I’m not getting lemon, or any citrus whatsoever (I mean this as a compliment and not a criticism) There’s a nice touch of some sour gas that shows up in the middle of the profile, but when we break it down, this is a one-trick pony who does a spectacular trick.

Effects will always hit people different, that’s a given. Personally, the high was mellow, welcoming, but mild. I was expecting a little more in that department.

This one is tough to judge. I feel there’s so much good here, and some misfires as well. I would have liked for the aroma to pop out of the jar a bit more, but the cure is absolutely insane, and the flavor was extremely potent, although effects were light. Would I recommend it? Absolutely, it’s a fantastic representation of a legendary strain. Would I pick it up again? Probably not. For me, there’s so many more exciting new strains for me to try. This market is getting really competitive. Still, I’m giving this a solid score.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 flaamez-yoo-koopas πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯