Jet Fuel by Cali Lotus


Jet Fuel


Cali Lotus


Aspen OG x High Country Diesel


27.66% THC 32.53% Total Cannabinoids

Price: $75+


Pine Fuel, Slight Mint, Garlic Wintergreen Rubber core


Smooth & Milky Peanut Gas, Sour Pine Diesel, Hops, backend hint of Aromatic Spice akin to Allspice.


Strong – Instant head change that knocked me back a little, big body high, and hazy, unfocused side-effects. Euphoric and calming.


I can’t remember the last time I had Jet Fuel, maybe sometime in 09′, it’s been a minute, but I definitely remember the first time. It’s another classic, powerful strain from the past that doesn’t show up on menus often anymore. So when I saw Cali Lotus show up with Jet Fuel on the market, I wasn’t exactly running out the door to grab it, but luckily my review partner @inspector_ganja420 swooped it at a great price and I am so glad he did.

First off, the packaging is absolutely absurd. We’re buying weed here, not an action figure from the kids aisle at Target. There’s so much plastic, and in the year 2020 I’m thinking about the impact plastic has on our environment. Not a fan at all of this.

Despite the plastic jar, it still looks and feels sleek, expensive, and exclusive. Removing the cap, I am greeted with a rich, sour diesel aroma that literally smells like I’m pumping gas in the middle of the woods. It’s fantastic.

Breaking open this insanely sticky bud exposes a funky spice, mint, and rubber core that ends up being a bit louder the inital jar aroma. The nug is massive, although kinda wearing a whack manicure job. This girl needs to get her nails done, cause there are some long, leafy bits poking out that should have been cut off before packaging.

Great Caesar’s Ghost… the taste is phenomenal. Inhale is very smooth and starts to layer my palate with nutty, sour gas. This taste continues throughout the exhale and is extremely powerful. There’s another layer of wet pine kush that settles before finally giving way to an herbaceous spice that brings back memories of smoking Djarum clove cigarettes late into the night.

So I’m a little conflicted. As far as the palate goes, this is the best tasting Jet Fuel I’ve had, no question. The cure is excellent, and aroma scored above-average. What’s knocking this down from being a 9? Packaging is wasteful, the price is absurd, it’s not a proprietary or very interesting strain, and attention to trimming quality control could have been better, but damn is is good. For me, it’s so very close to being almost perfect. Amazing job Cali Lotus.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 flamma-jammas πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯