Blanco by Lemonnade






Mad Cow Genetics


42.05% THC


$60+ taxes from Lemonnade


light Citrus, hint of Exhaust, some Mint, Sour Musk undertone.


Medium-sized frosty white nugs. Beautifully grown, but a little dry on the cure for my taste. Passes the stick test, but does not leave any resin or aroma behind on my fingers.


Gassy Mothballs, Touch of Grapefruit Peel, some Pine on the backend.


Strong – Instant wave of body sedation, followed by a hazy, unfocused, euphoric head high.


Let’s briefly talk about the elephant in the room… these 42% THC test results. Whether they are accurate or not doesn’t really matter to me. Truly, I usually don’t notice any difference above 20% or so, and I’m definitely not expecting to get more high today.

Blanco has been on my list to review for a couple months now, as it has been requested and recommended by a couple of you. So when this dialed-in batch from Mad Cow popped up, you know I had to check it on out. If it is as strong as it claims, that would only be a bonus. I’m really hoping the flavor will be there.

My optimism falters as the bag aroma is turned down to a low volume. Terpenes are just not here, folks. I do pull out some feint hints of various citrus, and a little milk chocolate when I first opened it, but subsided quickly to make way for the grapefruit. It’s followed by just a bit of gas and a leafy smell, almost like kush forest, but mixed with a bag of trim. Egh…I

I see where it gets the name, Blanco, as the bud is just covered in white, kiefy frost. I just wish it was resinous enough to leave some scent on fingers behind after breaking up the bowl.

Heavy, thick smoke hits my throat hard and quickly expands in my lungs. It’s difficult to keep from coughing, and definitely not for the newbs. The palate delivers gassy ammonia and subtle note of the grapefruit peel found on the nose. To finish, the tiniest bit of pine and cotton, like the kind that the dentist uses to soak up saliva.

Mad Cow, you killed the Gary Payton, and you decimated this grow. The potency is off the charts, but somehow, somewhere, you lost the terps. My score is traditionally heavily weighted towards bold flavor, but because the effect of this batch was so overwhelmingly powerful for me, this is some serious fire. Hope you got a chance to try.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 flermer-skerr-berfers šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„