Old Money #1 by Money Trees


Old Money #1


Money Trees Cannabis


20.359% THC .05% CBD 24.374% Total Cannabinoids


$60 + taxes


Auto Parts Store, Rubber, Mint, Fresh Money, Antifreeze. Super pungent.


Nice cure and humidity, and soft. Midnight purple hue with light frost. Smalls, possible larf.


Mint Mothballs, Grapefruit, Hops, lingering Menthol.


Mild/Average – Sense of tranquilty, clear-headed, some neck/body buzz and light head pressure to the temples.


I’ll admit, when I first saw Money Trees pop up on Instagram advertised by Cookies, I had a mixed visceral reaction. Without showing the actual herb and just focusing on the AR, it all seemed like a gimmick… like weed that was meant for Instagram in mind. From their promo material, Money Trees states their motto as “Art Infused Cannabis” – that sounds like something I can get behind. I believe we need more aesthetics and art in cannabis. Hello, that’s what I’m trying to do with my page. Maybe my gut reaction was wrong. So when @inspector_ganja420 surprised me by picking this one up for a review, after I had a little groan and chuckle, we tore open the pack to see what’s inside…

BOOM! Terps are loud on this puppy. And it smells like I just walked into freakin’ Pep Boys. I’m getting car parts that have been sitting around in boxes, with silicone, tire rubber, linoleum, and spent motor oil. On top of it all, an overwhelming amount of mint. Where the Moneybagg Runtz smelled like a sack of ol’ dirty money, this is the antithesis, as Old Money #1 smells like a sack of freshly minted money, crisp $100 bills that haven’t been tarnished by our natural human oils and dirt. Last, there’s definitely some citrus, which lean towards grapefruit peel aroma.

Smoke is smooth, hits my throat like hot steaming, comforting. I’m getting dry, pillow mint notes, almost floral, and bordering on dryer sheet, followed by an exhale of butane mothballs, citrus peel, and mild notes of coriander, simcoe, while retaining some creaminess. There’s a lingering menthol that coaxed my tongue for minutes, like I’ve just smoked a Camel Crush. Not a fan, at all.

Effects were mild, but welcoming. In the end, this one just wasn’t for me. I really can’t stand the taste of menthol, so if you do then sure, you might totally dig this one. Or if you wanna scoop a pack because you really like the art, I get it. I really dig the art, too. But the flower needs a little work.

The Fire Scale:

4/10 flama-screama-babees 🔥🔥🔥🔥