White Bubblegum Gelato by BackpackBoyz


White Bubblegum Gelato



Stats & Lineage:





Parmesan, Black Licorice, Skunk, Spearmint, Floral Musk with a Rancid Fruit undertone.


Mostly smalls, a little soft, but nice humidity. Judging from some of the long leaves, a hybrid with a sativa influence. Doesn’t sparkle, but isn’t dull either. Somewhere in the middle.


Powdered Candy, Pink Bubblegum, Sour Cherry Sharpie, Fresh Linen, Rubber.


Medium Strength – Welcoming head pressure, a little hazy, head euphoria, warm body buzz.


The last five packs of BackpackBoyz that I’ve had have not been the elite tier herb that I would expect from the brand, so I’ve been considering a small break. Bjt I figured, let’s see how this White Bubblegum Gelato fares before we throw in the towel.

Wow, the seriously sweet, funky, musty aroma terps are just shouting to be heard from the bag, like Who’s sitting on a speck… I guess I’m Horton. The aromas are stacked on top of another with sour parmesan cheese, star anise, moldy fruit, Doublemint gum, a touch of dryer sheet, and a foul skunk aroma that fills the room.

Breaking open the bud reveals a strange scent that smells like beer cheese mixed with laundry scent that gets left behind on my fingers.

Tart red, pink and blue candy, like Fun Dip or Smarties fills up my mouth right away on the inhale. And as the title suggests, mind-blowing pink bubblegum terps land strong like Bubble Tape or pink Big League Chew, before developing some sour stone fruit, and then… fresh laundry all day, straight out of the dryer, and aggressive, with a touch of rubber. Completely unique.

Even though the lineage is hidden, judging from the black licorice, dryer sheet, and tart candy notes this is some kind of Zkittlez x Gelato cross. It is phenomenal, and it kept beating my expectations with each successive bowl. I want more.

The Fire Scale: 9/10 fly-ly-ly-mas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥