Mohave Kush by Mohave Reserve


Mohave Kush


Mohave Reserve


33.74% THC .08% CBD 39.95% Total Cannabinoids


$65+ tax


Brown Hash, Sweet Herbal, hint of Pool Water, Vegetation.


Great nug selection, looks gorgeous, but abysmal manicure. Completely dry and crunchy.


High Temp: Hint of Gas, Earthy, Spice, Herbal Root.

Low Temp: Kush and Mint.


Been hearing nothing but stellar reviews from others about the flower from Mohave Reserve, so decided to give Mohave Kush a shot. Attractive, slick branding on the jar; the company does claim on their website that this black label series “packs a punch of flavor”, while their white label provides “robust flavor.” Either way, we should be in for a treat.

It doesn’t take long for my nose to recognize that something went wrong with packaging here, and probably the cure; as the whispering terpenes suggest notes of Thai hash, herbal root, and greenhouse trimmings. The jar presents that light, dreaded, wet public pool bathroom aroma.

While the nice, medium-sized nug I had to photograph and sample looked structurally pleasing, the many whispy leaves should have been trimmed off before being sealed into the jar. It crunches and crumbles as I pack a bowl.

As suspected, the smoke is harsh on the throat and provides hardly any flavor. Digging deep, I found a spicy, earthy base that has a backend of some pine kush and exhaust. I’d elaborate if I could, but there’s nothing else to talk about.

I’m getting real tired of paying this much money for 1/8ths that have a lack of terps. Especially, when it is clearly quality cannabis that might have been great when it was sealed. Spoiler alert, there are a couple more of these coming up soon, we’ve hit a bad patch. This was packaged on 9/7, and purchased at the end of October, so it shouldn’t be in this rough of shape.

The Fire Scale:

3/10 flamey-skuh-doos 🔥🔥🔥