Kryptochronic by Alien Labs




Alien Labs


(Alien Cookies x Fruity Pebbles OG) x Jet Fuel Gelato


30.8% Total Cannabinoids 24.54% THC .07% CBD


$75+ taxes


light Wild Musk, Sweet Diesel, Ice Cream Cake, Grape core.


My 1/8th was comprised of one singular, gorgeous nug. The SOLITAIRE. It sparkles and shines like it’s covered in diamonds, but too dry for a recent packaging date. Perfect trim, manicure.

Palate: Milky Floral Butane, Sour Dryer Sheet, Almond Cookie.


Above-Average – Heavy on the sedentary indica effects, weighted limbs, slow thought process.


It’s nice to try out new brands and take some gambles, but when I want to mitigate my risk, I turn to certain brands, and Alien Labs is one of those. For me, the consistency and quality of their flower has been top notch. For this review, I jotted down my aroma and tasting notes before discovering the crosses from Kryptochronic, which I like to do from time to time, and especially for Alien Labs strains since the flavors can get rather wild.

First aroma that captures my nose is an overall feral animal gelato musk sans rotten fruit. It doesn’t stay gelato for long as it instantly develops further, bringing notes of vanilla diesel, and creamy, custard-like dough. Terps are a bit lighter than other jars of Alien Labs I’d had in the past, but not completely hidden. I might be too picky, but I expect a little more volume.

As far as structure goes, it’s almost perfect, with the exception of being slightly brittle as I break up a bowl. The core exposes a candy grape pepper aroma that is both unexpected and smells fantastic.

Smoke is smooth, and brings an immediate head change before flavor kicks in. The exhale delivers a creamy, floral, butane experience before swirling into a lingering, aggressive, dryer sheet note, and nutty dough. At a lower temperature, sour cereal oats and the unmistakable grape flavor comes through strong.

After capturing detailed notes, I Googled the crosses and was so impressed that every aroma and flavor from each parent was present. This just speaks to the level of superb pheno hunting from the Alien Labs team. This crazy concoction looks like everything and the kitchen sink, but ends up turning into a harmonious, albeit subtle, creamy strain.

The Fire Scale: 7/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 flama-skuh-dooh-bees