American Pie by Doja


American Pie




Apple Fritter x Triangle Mints


28% Total Cannabinoids 23% THC .047% CBD


$60+ taxes


Floral Green Apple Orchard, Sweet Gas, Cookie Milkshake, slight Tart Astringency.


slight Sweet Cinnamon Spice inhale, exhale Creamy, Sour Apple, hint Pomegranate, big of Sour D, lingering Gassy Custard


Above Average – Front brow headband to temples effect, nice body relaxation, very calming and joyful.


Having been recently completely dumbstruck from RS11, I was eager to dip into the Doja posse’s newest drop on the legal market, American Pie. I have high hopes, as it holds the same lineage as Cosmic Crisp from Alien Labs, another fantastic strain that I reviewed back in August. Let’s gooo.

Opening the pack, I’m yanked by the collar as sour, green apple fritter terpenes fill my senses, yet it is not alone. There’s a slight carnation flower shade before developing into sugary butane, heavy cream, chocolate chip cookie dough, with a drop of wintergreen floor cleaner on the backend. I can already tell, this is a completely different beast than Cosmic Crisp.

Maybe it’s a small yielding strain, or maybe I didn’t get the greatest nug selection… either way, the buds were frosty, a little dry, but I’m not complaining. Structure gets a pass. Breaking up the bud with my fingers leaves that classic dryer sheet scent behind.

I didn’t notice it at first, but the inhale has a wonderful sweet cinnamon, slightly allspice bite. The exhale delivers a huge ice cream and tart fruit flavor profile before concluding into a monster, lingering sour diesel vanilla pudding. Terps are flying on this one at lower temps, but still hold strong at the higher temps, too. Just don’t expect quite the same level of sour apple to come through, it will still be an ultra creamy smoke.

While the obvious question may be, “Which is better: Cosmic Crisp or American Pie?” That’s hard to say, because I feel like both strains are unique unto themselves. I say you try both and decide for yourself. They’re both fire.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 flamez-squeebles 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥