Spicoli Funnyunz by FourScore420


Funyunnz: Spicoli Edition




Funyunnz BX


Sour Cream, Grilled Onions, Cooked Hamburger Patty, Mustard Seed, Worcestershire.


Sticky core, brittle exterior, med-sized small nugs. Excellent trim, manicure.


Sour & Savory Gas, lingering Play-Doh and Onion Powder.


Average – Pretty stoney, relaxing, nice full body buzz.


What do you get when a culinary whiz steps into the world of cannabis cultivation? You get FourScore420, who birthed his entire line of food-inspired weed, Funyunnz, from an Alien Labs bag seed. While it came from a GMO bag, it was later confirmed @returnofthealien & @scottyhaze1111 that most likely, due to the flavor and appearance, this was a GMO x Zookies cross, an experimental pheno that was never released. Years later, backcross after backcross later, we have a special edition of Funyunnz: Spicoli Edition.

Bag aroma is sour, slightly doughy, and smells like nothing else I’ve had in my head stash. It’s not a burst of aroma, but something is funky, that’s for sure. Although I was told that it is a small yielding bud, my med/small-sized nugs were large enough to easily photograph.

As soon as I break open the bud to expose the sticky core that’s where I am greeted by some of the weirdest terps I’ve come across. I feel like I’m stuck in the kitchen of a busy roadside diner who specializes in burgers as grilled onions, garlic, black pepper, astringent ground mustard, and cooked hamburger patty shoot right to my senses.

This special aroma doesn’t transfer to my palate in quite the same way. But the smoke is beyond smooth, #whiteashgang, and combustion does bring out totally unique flavors: Hidden Valley ranch dip, chicken broth, and sweet gas fill up my palate before finishing into lingering Play-Doh and sour onion powder.

Spicoli scores high points for being totally unique, providing me with a memorable experience, and adding a couple flavors to the mind bank. I can get some musky, candy-inspired gelato on every corner, but I could walk into a 100 shops and not find anything close to this. I am definitely anxious to see what FourScore420 pulls out next, and I’m there to support as he carves out his own path. Killer job, this was anything but bogus!

The Fire Scale: 7/10 flamba-lum-boombas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥