Sugar Cone by Connected


Sugar Cone


Connected Cannabis


Cookies Cream x Gelato 41


$70+ taxes


Milk-Soaked Oreos, Cookie Dough, Creamy Pepper Tire,


Super-duper dense, breaks into little rocks. Dynamic, brilliant shimmering bud. Okay cure.


Funky New Shoe Interior, Ice Cream Cake Cone.


Mild – Alert & focused with some light body relaxation.


I went into Sugar Cone with no idea what the crosses were, a complete blank slate. Here’s what I picked up:

The nose is beyond creamy, with strong notes of Oreo cookies and sweet, Christmas cookie dough. Breaking open the bud is no easy task, and it takes time to chisel away at the large nug. The core exposes a milky spice, pepper, and rubber. The overall experience is a little light.

The inhale is adequately smooth, and again, I sound like a broken record… creamy beyond belief. Dairy is still present on the exhale, with the addition of an odd taste of a new pair of shoes and vanilla cake. The last flavor to round everything out simulates biting into a cake cone, not a sugar cone or a waffle cone – so think more of a dry, sweet, cardboard taste (in a good way).

Like I said earlier, I took a guess at the crosses before looking them up: Cookies N’ Cream x Gelato 41 and not that it was that hard guess, but wouldn’t you know… I was right! Honestly, a first for me, so I was pretty excited when I finally Googled “Sugar Cone Strain”. I was surprised that none of the ultra musky, rotten fruit notes were coming through, this one was 80% C&C.

Problem is, I believe Cookies N’ Cream is kind of a weak strain. It doesn’t hit me hard, and the flavor never grabs me, but this beyond a doubt the best cultivar I’ve had with C&C in the lineage. Killer job, definitely recommend it these terps interest you.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 flama-quom-qwookies🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥