Pina Acai by Grandiflora


Pina Acai




Pineapple Piss x (???)


19.793% THC – <2% CBD


$60+ taxes


Nutmeg, Dunder, Pineapple Juice, Tropical Heat.


Small/med nugs. A bit on the dry side, but was packaged 10 weeks prior to review.


Pineapple Ammonia, Orchid, Play-Doh.


Mild – Relaxed, calming, mild body buzz. Light head pressure.


Pineapple Piss is one of my favorite strains of the year; the batch that I had back in June was absolutely insane. So when I found out that Grandiflora’s new cultivar, Pina Acai had some PP in the fam, I was pumped to see how it stacked up.

A walloping amount of nutmeg and ground spice instantly exit the bag. Then comes a warm, tropical, and humid smell. Overripe banana, jungle dew, and slight vegetation turn this whole aroma quite malodorous. Terps are about a medium level.

I wouldn’t call this bud fresh, but I wouldn’t describe it as parched – there’s a bit of crunch. It leaves a juicy tropical fruit essence on my fingers as I break up a bowl.

Low temp combustion brings light pineapple pulp ammonia and a gentle, floral, Hawaiian breeze to arrest my palate before turning salty and doughy, with hints of fresh earth. High temps were quite flavorless, with the exception of some butane gas and mild fruit. But I had to dig deep.

I’m gonna chalk this one up to a bad batch. Grandiflora puts out some serious heaters, there’s no denying that, but this doesn’t hold a matchstick to the Pineapple Piss batch I had. I’m looking forward to those Thornberries they have comin’ out.

The Fire Scale:

4/10 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯