PFLATO by Potent Flower Lab




Potent Flower Lab


Gelato x Ice Cream Cake


Sample was given to me directly from the growers.


Musty Basement, Rotten Stone Fruit, Cheesy Motor Oil, Rubber core.


Med-sized. Tightly bound, dense nugs that pull apart with ease. So dark purple they look almost black.


Combustion: Dirty & Musky Sour Gas. Worn Leather, Shoe Polish, Natural Dark Fruit Leather.

Vapor: Wintergreen Mint, Fresh Leather.


Average Strength – Warm, euphoric body buzz and sparkling head high – like tiny water pistols squirting onto my brain.


Breaking the seal on PFLATO smells like I just popped the hood of my car. Spent motor oil, dust, along with sour, heavy exhaust fill my senses. Undertones of proverbial skunky, decayed fruit round out the butyric acid stench.

Dense, with a great cure and humidity make this bud quite malleable. Breaking down by fingers and the grind conjours a musty library books scent to the mix.

To my palate, high/low temp combustion had equally matched flavors. A big heap of gas exhaust entered the inhale, like someone has left a car running with the garage door shut. The exhale tastes oily, funky, and aggressive. I can only think of biting into the sole of an old loafer that’s been covered in expired jam.

350° brought a cooling mint and more leather, but more like from a new belt/wallet rather than an old shoe.

These are the kind of aromas/flavors that make you question whether what you’re smoking is actually palatable or delicious. This is one of the most rotten, stankiest, gelatos I’ve ever had. It’s like swallowing a shot of Pot-Stilled Jamaican rum. Meaning, if you can handle it, you’re in for a treat.

The Fire Scale:

7/10 flugga-schweepas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥