Summer Lane by Garrison Lane


Summer Lane


Garrison Lane




27.04% Total Cannabinoids 23% THC .036% CBD


$60+ taxes


Citrus Peel Bouquet, Pool Water, Fern, Spruce, hint of Grass Trimmings.


Small/med nugs – A bit leafy, some could have been trimmed better. A bit of shake at bottom of jar.


Combustion: Soil, Earth, Grapefruit and Orange Zest Floor Cleaner, light Lozenge.

Vapor: Amaro and Prosecco Cocktail, Spearmint.


Mild – Light head pressure, creative head space, some body relaxation.


Seems like every time I go to the dispo to pick up #BillyKimber I can only find super old batches. A budtender tried to sell me a pack that was over 6 months old until I spoke up – uh uh, not happening.

So, I scooped this Summer Lane instead, with a package date of maybe 10 weeks prior to purchase. Honestly, out of the jar, there’s not many terpenes left – clearly they need to work on some packaging issues. There’s a shadow of grapefruit peel, orange zest, and a hint some landscaping waste.

Breaking up the bud by hand leaves a light floral kitchen soap note behind on my fingers, and the grind exposes some more of those grassy notes. The bud is surprisingly pretty humid, and it still holds firm on the breakdown. Which leaves me slightly confused as to how or why the terps decided to jet before I cracked it open.

Combustion is surprisingly smooth with my heat wand and bubbler, with some astringent tangie and lemon pledge taking over before exposing some larger notes of potting soil and earth, with a hint of cough drop. On the vape at 360° there seems to be a bit more of a sparkle, albeit dry – it slightly resembles an Aperol Spritzer, with a hint of bitter carbonation.

The effects provided some nice head euphoria, uplifted my spirit, and would be a great cultivar to smoke before taking a nice stroll through the park. But, soft terpenes and poor structure send me away with some mixed reactions. I feel like this batch could have been a lot better, because the flavor has so much potential.

The Fire Scale:

4/10 fleunga-de-whammas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥