Apples Bananas by Cookies


Apples & Bananas




(Grandaddy Purple x Platinum Cookies) x Blue Power) x Gelatti


30% THC <2% CBD


$60+ taxes


Musty Grass, Floral Apple Dishwashing Liquid, light Menthol, Paint Thinner, light Pepper & Powdered Parmesan core.


Med/small-sized nugs. Very sticky and resinous, excellent cure, decent trim & manicure.


Earthy Dough, Paint, Hoppy Play-Doh, touch of Floral Apple Soap, Odorless Gas.


High Strength – Swirling, hazy head high with heavy pressure behind the eyes and right in my forehead. Loose limbs, some couch lock effects. Very potent.


Disclaimer: I’ll admit. This is going to be quite the polarizing review. Like I’ve said before, we all smoke/vape in different ways, have our own preferences and dislikes, and that’s a beautiful thing. My experience cannot be the same as yours.

I’ll admit, when Apples & Bananas first came into my feed I wasn’t too interested. But, after several extremely strong recommendations my curiosity began to bubble. My experiences with Cookies have been quite tumultuous, but I figured this one was a great one to try out and let you all know if it’s worth high ticket.

Although I do smell both apples and bananas, this is not what I expected. For me, the dominate note is more like a humid, musty lawn that has been freshly mowed. The apple scent comes in the form of what I could best describe as green apple scented kitchen soap – it’s very faint. A touch of mint cools my senses before picking up the scent of paint thinner. I’ve heard about this terp before, but this is a first for me. The overall bag smell teases the banana, as if a bunch of overripe bananas were left inside my car with the windows rolled down on a hot day.

Structure… A+ The bud is ultra sticky, loaded with terps, nice trim, decent manicure. Definitely scores some points for that.

And now, onto the palate. FYI, Low/high temp combustion delivered the same profile. Smoke is pretty smooth. Right from the inhale I get that apple kitchen soap from the aroma. The exhale is a huge salted dough note. It’s a little hoppy, and definitely aggressive. Some butane gas comes in for some texture before releasing back into the Play-Doh inspired spectrum of flavors. Lastly, there’s an acrid, synthetic note that comes in, like I’ve licked a wall lathered in fresh paint. And that about does it.

Immediately, I notice the heavy effects. Because of my high tolerance I’m always hesitant to out that claim out there, but from talking with about a dozen others it seems accurate. So yeah, it hits hards.

To echo my former sentiment, each of us has not only separate experiences, but also our own bias and boxes to check off. Personally, I don’t believe anyone can do unbiased reviews – our bias informs our choices and preferences – and that’s not a bad thing. If you’re #1 question is, “Does it smack?”, then you should be happy with your purchase. Though, I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: There’s a lot of weed that gets you high, but only some of it tastes good. This does not.

The Fire Scale:

3/10 🔥🔥🔥 flymez-fluh-floogles