Fun Yummz by FourScore420


Fun Yummz




Zkittlez x Funyunnz




Musty Hollyberry & Rose, Cloying Fruit, Meaty Pepper breakfast sausage core.


Papa bear nug, thick, stacked, dense. Perfect cure, sticky, breaks apart with extreme ease. A+


Rose, Mixed Artificial Fruit Yogurt, Sweet Onion Powder, Butane, Meaty Play-Doh.


If you haven’t already read my review for Spicoli Funyunnz make sure you go back and check that one real quick as it provides some context for this review. When I heard about a Zkittles version of this savory, salty, and funky flower, you know I had to jump on it. Shambala.

Breaking into these Fun Yummz is like opening up a bag of dead roses. There’s a bit of must, as if there was some hard water that was left inside the bag that has dried up by now – with a slight potpourri edge.

Extracting the bud from the bag feels like I’m pulling out a small nugget of gold. It’s stacked with crystals, and has considerable weight, almost exuding its own aura. I bring myself closer to get another whiff as I break the nug in half, expecting more sugary sweetness… but out comes the big savory, breakfast sausage notes that turn this Zkittlez cross on its own head.

I found just as much enjoyment smoking Fun Yummz as I did during the inspection process. The inhale is heavy, with a little bite. The exhale has several layers with the first being an unmistakable, sweet floral, fresh laundry taste, simulating that rose note on the nose. Then, just when I start to relish in the candy-like yogurt cream layer – which is similar to Trix yogurt – the palate takes a sharp, aggressive turn into a lingering gassy onion powder and salty dough note, with some meat. Maybe beef. Wild.

Does it smack? Sure does. It’s some strong pressure in the temples, while the back of my neck to the elbows of my arms pick up sedative euphoria. A bit of couch-lock is there, and I feel good for a Sunday morning.

This is a bold, valiant cross from the mind of @FourScore420 – who best accurately titled his Fun Yummz as “The Dark Side of the Rainbow.” On point.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 flunga-chummy-wungas πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯