Holy Moly! by Fig Farms


Holy Moly!


Fig Farms


Banana Fig x Animal Mints 198


28.99% Total Cannabinoids


$60+ taxes


Chocolate Sawdust, Particle Board, scant Berry, Pistachio Cookie with a hint of Wintergreen and Pepper core, Banana Laffy Taffy crystals.


Stunning, large nug, with a couple med/smalls. Exceptional trim & manicure. Small crunch on exterior, but great humidity when broken up.


Wood Pellets, Toasted Marshmallow, Carnation Flower, lingering Plantain Chip Butyric Acid.


Medium Strength – Headband pressure, mostly upper body muscle relaxation, bit of euphoria. Focused, creative.


Breaking the seal, getting that first impression of the aroma, is mixed. Terps are a little light, but I’m mainly picking up on a dry, woody aroma – like unassembled IKEA furniture. Yet, there is a fruity sweetness that lingers. I can’t place it yet.

I instinctually lunge for a long, braided nug that looks like it’s been sitting there since the Ice Age – as it’s covered in frost. This goes right up there with Cap’s MAC as some of the most gorgeous herb I’ve seen. I had a delightful time snapping pics, and was having a difficult time not smoking it immediately.

A magical, nutty aroma, like Italian creme cake with a mint sprig on top, bursts out when I begin to break open the nug. A strong, candy banana scent is left behind on the sticky resin that covers my fingers. This has taken a turn.

This one is a flavor-seeker. Smoke is delicate, and some of those notes on the nose translate quite remarkably to my palate. At combustion, I picked up a lovely floral, woody sensation – like potpourri that’s been sitting in the smoker. There’s an additional layer that forms and lingers. This one is tough, but it’s got that green banana terpinolene flavor. A little bit of the same taste that I picked up from their other flower, Figment (which was also delightful)

I’ll admit, this one started a little weird, but soared due to expert cultivation and compelling terpenes. There was a packaging hiccup that was sorted out by Fig Farms with superb care and customer service, which only added more joy to my overall experience. Huge fan of Fig, and this cultivar.

The Fire Scale:

8/10 flompoo-flamas 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥