Ether by The Fire Society




The Fire Society


Gelato 41 x Gushers


$75+ taxes


Velveeta Cheese. Rubber Eraser, Rotten Blueberries, Skunky Musk, hint of Acetone.


Nutty, Oily Gas, Dehyrdated Dark Fruit Skin, Keratolysis, lingering light Sunflower Seed & Tire.


Above-Average – Big body high without couch lock. Very stoney, waxy, melting brain effect.


The Fire Society has been killing it recently, and everything I’ve had from them has been stellar so far. Ether is the most elusive of the bunch, as it seems to always sell out within hours of dropping at the dispo. So, when I had the chance to nab an 1/8th, you know I didn’t hesitate.

Despite the lack of a double-seal, the aroma is skunky and loud. Smelly, processed nacho cheese collides with rotten, dark exotic berries & fruit. Breathing deeper lets me pick up notes of pink school eraser and a light shade of nail polish remover.

Core of the bud exposes the proverbial caryophyllene pepper funk. It’s got some stick. Not too much. A nice squeeze to it, and this isn’t dry bud by any means. Where it shines (literally) is in its appearance. I love the look of this flower. Dark purple throughout, fiery orange hairs, just splattered in crystals – I could look at it all day.

Rotten plumb and peanut oil gas are present on this dense, smooth inhale. Meanwhile, the exhale exudes expired exotic fruit. And sour, grape-like, foot. Big time. Finally, this musky profile finishes with smooth, nutty rubber. Like I’m chewing on sunflower seed kernels and rubber baby bottle nipples at the same time.

As I’ve mentioned before, Gelato always hits me right, and this is no exception. The effects relax my muscles. My mind wanders a bit. It’s probably best when I have some down time, or want to wind down at the end of the night.

The Fire Society… you killed it again on this flower. This hits high marks in every category (pun intended). If you have the means to scoop up an 1/8th, you’ll be in for a treat.

The Fire Scale: 8