Triumph by Cream of the Crop




Cream of the Crop


Sour Diesel x Biker Kush


31.81% Total Cannabinoids


$60+ taxes


Sour Pine, Fuel, Bromodosis, Mixed Fruit Leather, Yeast, Gassy Pepper core.


Astringent Almond Oil, Earthy Exhaust, Raw Sourdough, lingering Yeasty Gas.


Average Strength – Euphoric head & body high. Just a little foggier than I prefer for sativa, feel like there’s a big weight around my body, but feel like I can still go about my day.


Thank you to Cream of the Crop, who reached out to me a couple weeks ago to review one of their 1/8ths. Appreciate you hooking this one up!  After scouring through the selection at House of Flowers in Echo Park (the old LA Kush) I came out with Triumph: a cross between Sour D & Biker OG. I haven’t had a good cut of Sour D for such a long time, so I was pretty intrigued with the potential of this offering.

“Connoisseur Flower. Fragrant Terpenes. Unmatched Flavor.” and “The Highest Quality Connoisseur Flowers in California” are just a few statements that can be found on their marketing materials. Is this just marketing puffery, or the real deal? Let’s find out.

First off, I love the COTC jars. Powder coated black, geometric floral design, double seal. Visually appealing, and very classy. Also, I have to mention how much I appreciate the top terpenes, and their percentages, on the jar. Big points there.

First impression on the nose: moderately sour pine, light Diesel, and a touch smelly feet. While this the profile I expected, there is something else going on in the background that is unique: raw, yeasty sourdough bread.

Reminds me of the dark ages when we would toss a little chunk of white bread into our jars of dried out herb to try and bring the humidity back. Citrus peel or a little piece of cork would work, too. Thankfully, we’ve learned from our ways, as we now have humidity packs to help in case of an emergency.

While these toxic green nugs aren’t the most attractive, they do hold some decent humidity. The bud breaks down adequately, and leaves my fingers with trace notes of hashy lemon candy.

Where this bud really shines is on the palate. Inhale is smooth, and has a subtle nutty astringency that’s absurdly akin to almond extract. The exhale delivers a big heap of sour earth. The gas is there, too. But it doesn’t become dominant until the flavor resolves into a lingering doughy exhaust with a touch of evergreen. Imagine riding a vintage Lambretta through the Sequoias, as it blows back 2 stroke smoke into your face while biting into the soft center of a piece of sourdough bread (Wut šŸ‘€)

Triumph, classified as a sativa, hits me with a hazy, aloof, spacey, head high, and some euphoric upper body effects. While my preferences lean more towards a caffeinated, focused, and creative high, this one was good for meditation, and to take the edge off in the morning.

I’d say that my craving for a good Sour D has been fulfilled for the time being, so mission successful. For the price, I’d be inclined to try something else; there’s a LOT of really good weed out there right now at this tier. But overall, I really enjoyed my time digging into Triumph.

The Fire Scale:

6 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„