Blueberry by Cannabiotix






38.84% Total Cannabinoids 1.97% Total Terpenes




Grassy, slightly floral, Jasmine, touch of Hay, Wicker Furniture, Grape Gelatin Gummy.


Visually appealing. Dry, med-sized nugs. Break down like powder.


Combustion: Cardboard, Salty Fruit Dryer Sheet, Blueberry Scratch N’ Sniff Sticker, light Lavender Feta.

Vapor: light Mint, Toasted Lavender.


Average – Light head pressure, relaxing body high. Centered, calm, eased up my breathing.


Thus far, Cannabiotix has impressed me with every 1/8th that I’ve opened. Blueberry terpenes can be some of my favorite when done right. Let’s see what CBX has to offer.

Dipping into the jar, I’m met with spicy floral notes. A grassy element is at the base of it all, along with touches of hay, and the smell of musty wicker furniture. Not a good start.

A couple beautiful buds tumble into my hand for inspection. Trim and manicure look great. But breaking them up leaves my fingers covered in fresh laundry kief – there’s no stick here. The core does expose a little more candy fruit, like a white gummy bear.

The inhale is biting, and carries an odorless butane texture with a spot of fresh linen. Exhale packs in the taste of paper and cardboard, before releasing some more salted laundry. At the very backend of the smoke, there is a faint Blueberry Scratch n’ Sniff flavor and lingers with a light, slightly sour, herb and goat cheese shade.

I gotta be honest, cause I’ve immensely enjoyed every other offering I’ve had from CBX. But this… not so great. If Blueberry terps is what you desire, I would recommend to try out Beyond Blueberry from Wonderbrett before it’s gone forever. Until then, I’m still looking for a Blueberry strain to blow me away and I hear that DJ Short cut is the ONE. Either way, don’t you worry CBX, I’ll be back in a couple weeks with a review for Kush Mountains, and that stuff is no joke. Until then…

The Fire Scale:

3 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯