Daniel Larusso by Ball Farms


Daniel Larusso


Ball Family Farms




$55+ taxes


Wet Vegetation, Swamp, Musty Onion Straw, Vacuum Bag.


Beautiful med/large nug with a couple smalls. Nice manicure/trim. Crunchy and super dry.


Combustion: Bark, Menthol, Onion, Schechuan Peppercorn, Rye.

Vape: Buttery Cedar, Pine, touch of Diesel.


Above-Average – Maximum head pressure and couch-lock. Very hazy.


Daniel Larusso, is just one of several flowers from Ball Family Farms that use the intellectual property from the 80’s classic, ‘The Karate Kid.’ Solid marketing, this definitely got my attention. The added hype from consumers tipped my curiosity over the edge. I was ready to spar with Danielson.

Opening up the Daniel Larusso jar is like entering into a smelly dojo. It’s stinky, dirty, and hasn’t had a thorough cleaning in far too long – as bits of dust and old food somehow makeup the overall aroma from this jar. I’ve been told from a couple people that there’s probably GMO in the cross. Judging from the savory, umami-inspired profile I’d say that’s a solid guess. Maybe some Forum Cut or some kind of GSC pheno in here too, but that’s just speculation.

This bud though… Yikes. Dry inside and out. It breaks down like powder, leaving no smell behind. Such a shame. In this condition, the bud really isn’t worth what it was sold for.

Combustion is brutal, and exceptionally harsh on my throat. The exhale is woody, and has a touch of the sweaty feet from the Cobra Kai dojo. It’s both funky and minty at the same time. A spicy, salty, gas numbs my mouth for a moment before it is left coated in a vegetaceous yeast, like I’ve bitten into an onion and parsnip bagel.

Now here’s the weird part. This tastes like a completely different flower through the vaporizer. A Complete 180°. I pick up a ghee-like pine, light oak, and smooth diesel. It’s absolutely wonderful, and some of the best flavors I’ve had through this particular unit. Actually, I would love to experience this flower as a live rosin. It would be so tasty.

Whats really killing it for me here is how damn dry this bud came. I’m just really bummed out that I had this experience with what I know is supposed to be some amazing flower. I know everyone is gonna chime in and say to give it another shot, and that’s fine, maybe I should… but after getting burned it’s difficult to muster up the will to fork out “x” amount of cash again just to see if this batch is better.

But then again, the experience out of the vaporizer at 365° was just heavenly. In the end, even though this one is hard to rate, I’m sticking it right in the middle of the scale because my reaction is so mixed.

The Fire Scale:

5/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥