Area 41 by Alien Labs


Area 41


Alien Labs


Lemon Fuel OG x Gelato 41


šŸ“ø 5/5




Expired Blackberry & Stone Fruit, Wintergreen, Socks, Cheese.


Attractive, medium-sized nugs. Pass on trim, and manicure. Cure is a tad dry/packaging error?


Combustion: Pastry, Lemon Mint, Sparkling Smooth Gas, just the faintest hint of Fresh Rubber hanging around.

Vapor: Lemon Bubblegum Lozenge, Buttery Pine.


Above-Average – Slightly elevated heart, light pressure in temples, euphoric head and body high. Joyful, and certainly sedative.


This is the first 1/8th I’ve had from Alien Labs/Connected that did NOT have a double seal. Despite that, terpenes are still relatively loud out of the jar, but they could be screaming and instead I get a quiet shout.

The nose is very familiar and musky. Without knowing the crosses, this leads me to believe this is another gelato cut. On first inpression, there’s an expected rotten foreign fruit smell before turning cool and minty on the deep inhale. Also… socks? Not crazy dirty, just a little funk with some fresh cotton in there, too. Lastly, a soft cheesy scent – somewhere in between parmesan and sharp cheddar, closer to gouda – rounds out the aroma profile.

Breaking down the bud by hand leaves behind a hashy, candied lemon rind scent that sticks to my fingers. Lovely.

Flavor is spectacular, but I do have to dig a little deep, as its somewhat muted via combustion. The inhale is extremely smooth and reminds me of a plain sugared donut. Exhale tops the pastry with a slightly astringent lemon spearmint, and diesel that holds a sparkle so strong that I’d even describe it as effervescent. The palate concludes with the faintest hint of lingering fresh rubber. At 355Ā° the flavor is holding strong, with that lemon spearmint turning into a cooling cough drop effect while a lingering buttery OG pine lingers. Excellent.

Effects are strong, flavor is excellent, and the bud is certainly attractive. I want to rate this higher, but my experience is impaired from what I think may be a packaging error. Still, this is an enthusiastic recommendation and lands strong on #thefirescale

The Fire Scale:

7 šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„šŸ”„