Eastside OG by L.A. Made

Cultivar: Eastside OG

Who: L.A. Made

Lineage: Unknown

Price: $46 (and that includes tax)


Hoppy Pine, Peppermint Rubber, Almond Cookie, Toasted Nuts, Rubber Pepper & Citrus core.


Med/small-sized nugs. Large, dynamic trichomes cover the bud. Exemplary cure, humidity – sticky. Poor trim/manicure.


Bread & Gas Factory, Mixed Nuts, Pine Kush, Sweet Earth. 🔥See Overall Notes🔥


Above-Average – Even body and head high. Relaxed, slightly sedative, creative.


Today I share a little gem with you. If you’ve ever asked for my advice in the past regarding dispo recommendations, chances are I’ve told you, “Oh, there’s lot of good places around town”. But in the back of my mind I’m always thinking the same thing… “Peace of Green. L.A. Made. Capulator.” This little shop, on a pretty rough street, doesn’t look like much. The selection is extremely limited, and you won’t find it on Weedmaps. This is a if-you-know-you-know situation. So it is with slight hesitation that I bring you this review, for fear that next time I go ya’ll will have bought it all up 😅

Note: Stats are available by scanning a QR code, which brings up a PDF of the lab results, but it only let’s you view it one time and I forgot to screenshot it 🤦‍♂️ But the total cannabinoids were just over 30%.

As expected from Cap, this bud has got some loud terpenes goin for it. A deft amalgam of spicy forest, candy-cane rubber, nutty dough, and toasted corn nuts collide into one, beautiful aroma.

Consistently, the cure on the flower is impeccable, and this is no exception. Bud is ultra sticky, with a nice snap to the stem. It burns well through both combustion and vapor. Unfortunately, the trim/manicure job is abysmal, but I’m gonna let that slide bit. Seriously tho, it’s a hack job. Breaking up the bud by hand leaves the scent of sweetgrass and grapefruit peel behind on my fingers.

Smoke is thick, hefty, and rapidly expands in my lungs like Strawberry Cough; I have to pack smaller bowls to keep from coughing. The. Flavor. Is. Stacked. What’s strange about Eastside OG is that it doesn’t start or end the same way. The inhale can taste like sour pine on one hit, but taste like a nutty cookie dough the next. The finish can be gassy, or slightly grassy. If you’ve ever heard hard-panned rotating stereo effects through headphones, it’s quite similar to this experience. As soon as your mind locates the location of the sound/taste it shifts from right to left/vice-versa. It’s a bombastic slurry of everything OG: Gassy Evergreen, Salted Dough, Yeasty dough, Cookie Dough, Funky Dough, Sweet Earth, Melted Rubber, Tire, Kush, OG Pinen Toasted Almonds, Kennel Corn. It’s everything classic OG, and quite possibly more. At 350°, pine, sour foot, and slight mint dominate the palate – it’s nice, but not remarkable.

Effects might be a little aggressive as a morning toke – a little too spacey – so I’d recommend this one as an afternoon/evening smoke.

With the exception of the trim/manicure/nug selection it really doesn’t get much better than this, folks. What more can you ask for out of an OG? Also, as @westcoastweedreviews says, not going to mention the price here so my post doesn’t get deleted – but check out my website #linkinbio – and prepare to be shocked. I feel like a fool in a dunz cap every time I buy an 1/8th of boof at a premium price, only wishing I had swung by Peace Of Green instead.

The Fire Scale: 8/10 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥