Studio 54 by Doja x Wizard Trees x Deep East


Studio 54


Doja x Wizard Trees


Sunset Sherbet x OZK #54


27% Total Cannabinoids


$60+ taxes


Smelly Processed Cheese, Bigfoot Foot Funk, Sour Throwup, Cinnamon, Sweet & Creamy Pepper w/ Laundry Sheet core.


Med/Small-sized nugs. Sticky, not too dense. Loads of sugary trichromes. Manicure/trim is passable.


Sweet Pitaya, Floral, hint of Bad Breath Doughy Funk in there, just a little bit of Citrus Floor Cleaner, lingering Laundry Sheet.


Average Strength – Floaty feeling, focused alert head high without any pressure. Seems like great flower for a walk, hike, enjoy nature or zone out in some video games.


The olfactory on Studio 54 is fragrant, feral, and frightfully funky. The Sunset Sherbet seems to dominate the intital impression. It reeks of smelly processed cheese, and a wallop of sour Sasquatch foot – as it’s got a slight musky, animal hide with athlete’s foot kinda vibe. An even deeper inhale brings forth a authentic sweet cinnamon. Breaking open the bud exposes bile, pepper funk, laundry sheet, and hard tropical fruit candy. This is a complex nose – right up there with RS11.

The nug selection isn’t exceptional on this 1/8th, but I can’t complain as the bud is adequately sticky, has plenty of terps, and shines like a disco ball. Breaking up the bud by hand leaves a guava laundry sheet aroma behind.

Low/Med temp combustion is where the terps really step into the spotlight. I’m getting exotic fruit smoothie, some blended rose petals, with a mixed citrus chemical astringent zest. At the end of the exhale, there’s a bit of halitosis that presents itself before a lingering lavender dryer sheet concludes this palate experience.

While the terps are wild, I also feel like they’re a bit superfluous. You know those dares that people do where they blend up some pixy stix, hot dog, muffins, carnation flowers, lemon juice, some V8, and then someone has to drink it? It’s sorta like that. Yet, if you’re up for the challenge. Well, here it is. I dug it.

The Fire Scale: 7 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯