Kush Mountains by Cannabiotix


Kush Mountains




White Walker OG x Blue Flame OG


37.28% Total Cannabinoids 2.26% Terps

Top Terps:

Lmonene, Myrcene, and Linalool


$65+ with tax.


Dusty Trail Must, Vinegar, Pine Needle, Forest, The Woods, Lemon Candy core.


Med/large nug w/ a few small/med thrown in. Resinous, dense, amazing cure. Nice humidity, but just a tad brittle on exterior. Okay trim, great manicure.


Pine Kush, Fuel, Soil, Tobacco, Resin, lingering Dough.

Vapor: Mahogany, hint of Lemon.


Above-Average – Big sedative body high, smacks the head. Slightly hazy, and extremely tranquil.


Kush Mountains earned high praise in 2018 when it took the High Times World Cup category for Best Hybrid. And since its drop on the regulated market, along with Cereal Milk, it has been a crowd favorite.

Jar loudness is turned up to about 7 here, so we’re moderately loud. While classic hoppy pine does make an appearance, this OG pheno is more of a slight damp forest. Trail dust is kicked up into my nose as a slight sour apple cider vinegar lingers underneath the dirt.

Breaking up the bud leaves behind strong notes of Lemonhead candy on my fingers. The flower is eye-catching, and it’s a slight shame to break up such lovely composition.

Inhale is thick, but not irritable. Exhale brings forth a pine-inspired gas, but not in the vein of Sour D or nutty Jet Fuel. This is more of an old school, soily edge to it – like a hashy evergreen. Slightly salted dough and cigar-like spice step up to linger on my palate.

At 365°F the woody notes kick in, with trace sawdust and the sound hole of an acoustic guitar. This lower temp really brings out the citrus, as a light lemon jelly emerges.

This batch of flower doesn’t have the terpene wow factor, but it does slap you upside the head a bit. For the potency-seekers, I’d say this a safe bet – especially if you’re looking for an evening smoke. The large body high should help lull you right to sleep and set your mind at ease.

The Fire Scale: 7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥