Guanja Berry by The Piff!


Guanja Berry


The Piff!


Guava (Gelato 33 x Thin Mint Cookie) x Hoko Berry


Probably around $60 – this was from a Pause Play box.


Strawberry. Terps super light, Oats, Fresh Pack Baseball Cards, Musty Mixed Fruit Perfume, tiniest hint of Soy Sauce Pepper core.


Small nugs. A bit crisp, but okay for being a little old. Manicure/trim is acceptable.


Combustion: Medicinal Gas, Floral Dough, Envelope Sealer, lingering Musky Perfume Spice.

Vapor: Pronounced Spice, Mint Chocolate.


Average Strength – Slight, even buzz. Eye-opening, inspires exploration and creativity, head high creeper. Feels like a sativa hybrid.


My buddy @inspector_ganja420 picked this pack up via the new PausePlay box out this month. And when I saw that packaging, I knew I just had to have it for a fun photoshoot. But it wasn’t only the art design. This looks like a pretty unique cross, too. So will The Pifft pack a punch?! Let’s find out.

I know it’s just the packaging, but when I first opened this mylar bag it brought me back to a scent that I haven’t had in a looong time. It was like opening a pack of fresh baseball cards. For those of you that spent your youth tearing open packs of Fleer Flairs and Upper Deck… you know what I’m talkin’ about.

Conversely, the herb smells like strawberries – maybe even snozzberries. There’s a floral, lickable wallpaper aspect to this – as it’s copier paper thing going on. There’s a hint of musk – so that Gelato does come around for a small whiff – but it’s quickly dismissed by a more bitter perfume staunch. As far as volume goes, we’re at maybe a 2 or 3. This is super light.

The bud was packaged in July so I’m not surprised at its state; this is probably 6-7 months old at least. Still, the bud doesn’t crumble like powder or grind down into a mountain of kief. This held up okay, but I did throw a 62% Boveda inside to see if it could save it. Honestly, it didn’t do much.

I wish I could give plaudits to the palate, but there isn’t much to uncover from the nugs. A potpourri butane commands my attention, before settling into baking flour, and a lingering acrid lavender eau de toilette.

Effects lead me to guess this is a sativa hybrid, but looking at the lineage that would seem to prove me wrong. Still, I’m mainly getting a focused, euphoric head high that keeps me about my day as opposed to the slap that I usually get from Gelato.

Either way, I’d like to give this flower the benefit of the doubt and chalk this poor first impression up to the aged product, and not the cultivar or the grower. I’d like to try The Pifft! again with some material that was more recently harvested. While the potential is there, I can only judge what I have in front of me.

The Fire Scale: 4 πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯πŸ”₯