Gushers by Connected CA




Connected CA


Triangle Kush x Gelato 41


31% Total Cannabinoids


$70+ taxes


Cheese Pizza, Rotten Fruit, Rubber Pepper Core.


Med-sized nugs. Super duper dense, breaks down a little powdery, but humidity is still okay.


Combustion: Sour Candy Fruit Roll Up, New Leather, slight Tangie Floor Cleaner, Deep Gassy Pine Sap.

Dry Pull: Artificial Berry.

Vapor: Pine Astringency, Roasted Hazelnut Coffee, Waxy Blueberry, lingering Peppermint.


Above-Average/High – Euphoric & Relaxing. Nice body wave high. Slightly hazy, unfocused, and freeing head high. Anytime smoke.


While there may be a fair bit of controversy and rumors surrounding the origin of Gushers, one thing is for sure… this strain is popular af right now. It’s become a flagship cultivar for Connected, and with the hope of the next big thing, its crossed with almost every flower. I don’t blame them. It’s delicious. And generally potent. Let’s see how my batch fared.

I don’t know if you’ve ever experienced the bliss that comes from partaking in such fine dining establishments like Little Caesar’s or Chuck E. Cheese, but budget pizza has a very particular smell. This scent from a lost youth is smelly, oily, and sharp. It’s chemical cheese. Underneath, there’s that classic musky rotten fruit, but it’s light in comparison to the cheese. We’re talking 9 in volume here, this is louddd.

Breaking open the bud exposes the caryophyllene rubber funk aroma – that can’t be missed. But really, this isn’t too complicated on the nose. It’s just awesome and aggressive.

The only nitpicks with this 1/8th comes down to nug selection and the flower breaking down a bit more kiefy and powdery than it should be. But that’s my only critique, as the bud is impeccably cultivated.

Honestly, I need a lot more room than Instagram is willing to give me to go over this palate in full detail. I’m just gonna leave this one up to the tasting notes above – you get the gist. I will say that the combustion vs. experience was familiar, yet completely separate. Each offered its own perspective on the flower, and I will note that the flavor held up exceptionally well at 360°F, even after several stirs.

This is the kind of weed that makes you say, “Damn, that’s good.” after you exhale. The effects are strong, too. They lean more a head high than body, but both are present.

If you’ve never tasted Gushers by itself, I believe this will be a great pickup to educate your palate – as it seems to be the exemplary example of what this flower can be.

The Fire Scale:

8 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥