Reign by Ball Family Farms x Viola




Ball Family Farms




32.62% Total Cannabinoids


$55+ taxes


Grape Root Beer, Curry, Hashy note. hint of Blackberry, Sweet & Spicy Cake core.


Med/Small nugs. Manicure/trim pass. Leans towards dry, but nice humidity for the vape.



Armpit, Earth, Butane Floral Doughy Spice, touch of lingering Melted Rubber.


White Tic Tac, hint Dark Fruit, Sour Musk.


Mild Strength – Tranquil, calming. Light, comforting head pressure. Some body buzz.


It’s rare, but every once in a while I’ll open a jar that has such unique terps, it makes me do a double, or even triple-take. I had that experience again with Reign. Sometimes these smells are so wacky that I need to have a second or third opinion to confirm.

This aroma is dominated by the smell of curry. Straight up like a heavily seasoned Saag Paneer. Call me crazy, but I had two other people around to affirm my almost lucrative initial impression. As far as volume goes, we’re at a 3 or 4 – terpenes are relatively light. After a few days with a 62% Boveda pack a few more terps decided to make an appearance. I pick up a spicy hint of grape sasparilla, brown hash, and blackberry seed round out the jar aroma.

Before the pack was inserted I did note the composition of the bud along with a quick bowl to note differences that might occur during the re-humidification process.

As far as appearance, this bud is striking. The mostly medium-sized dark purple nugs are covered in glitter, and break down with ease. Not too dry or sticky here, just fine. The trim and manicure are a-okay, and the flower looks healthy.

Combustion at any temperature is mostly the same. The first note that pops on the exhale is the taste of sweet earth. And oddly enough, similar to Gary Payton, I’m getting a staunch B.O. followed by a lingering, light melted rubber. Smoke is super smooth, but seriously muted.

And just like Daniel Larusso, this bud shined during vaporization. At 340° I pick up sweet mint candy, little bit of rotten fruit, and a musk that makes me believe we’re riding somewhere through Gelatotown, USA. But, as far as I know, this lineage is hidden.

I really, really wanted to love this one. Unfortunately, this is the 2nd 1/8th in a row from Ball that I’m not really impressed with, leaving me with a neutral feeling. This was packaged on 10.2 and opened just a couple days after it was purchased so it’s not like this was an old batch. Overall, it was okay.

The Fire Scale:

5 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥