Super Lemon Cherry by Don Merfos Exotics x A1 Exotics


Super Lemon Cherry


Don Merfos x A1 Exotics






Cherry Scratch N’ Sniff, Dried Slurpee, Gym Socks, hint of Parmesan and Wintergreen, Lemonade Gas core.


Small/Med nugs. Nice manicure, but trim could improve. Snowy exterior, okay humidity, breakdown is a bit powdery.


Dry Pull: Lemonhead Candy

Combustion: Cherry Smelly Marker, Fruit Syrup, Nutty Gas, lingering Cheesy Sherb Funk.

Vapor: Lemon Pledge, Cherry Honey Ricola.


Above-Average Strength. Hazy head, with wide-eyed temple pressure. Slightly elevated heart and paranoia, yet can be relaxing and inspiring. See overall*


First off. This Pop Art, almost Lichtenstein-esque, bag design is probably my favorite this year. It’s playful, eye-catching, and alluring. But buyer beware! As we’ve seen in the past, looks can be deceiving. Let’s see what’s inside.

Oh yeah. This is loud af. There’s an initial blast of cheesy Gelato musk, but that quickly makes way for a cloying grenadine sap. It reminds me of slurpee machine during a summer day that hasn’t been wiped down – as the sticky syrup from various flavors have hardened to the handles. On the backend, there’s a hint of chocolate wintergreen.

My mediocre pictures don’t do this bud justice, as the nugs are way more frosty than I could capture. As I snap a nug off the stem I can see a small shower of trichs fly off like a dandelion in the wind. I enjoy the lemonhead candy scent left on my fingers, but I wish the bud broke down with a bit more grace. A firm squeeze shatters the flower into a fine grind, whereas I prefer something a bit more malleable.

Flavor is phenomenal. The inhale is stacked with sappy grenadine and it is “Oh! Juicy!” The exhale only continues on this thought as I’m getting a slurry of artifical candy. It reminds me of melted snow cone with Lemon, Fruit Punch & Tiger’s Blood. Somehow, a doughy, almost nutty gas funk pushes through at the end to linger on the palate.

330°F delivers the lemon floor cleaner astringency that I miss at higher temps. Lastly, a honeysuckle cherry lozenge lingers to round out the flavor experience.

Effects are quite strong, and can induce slight paranoia due to the elevated heart rate that comes about. But for me, this is all about how I harvest that energy. While sedentary, my body gets anxious. But if I choose to direct that focus towards doing the dishes, cleaning up around the house, or focusing on something creative it woos me into a state of zen – while the world around me spins rapidly.

This herb inspires. As a playwright, producer, and overall creative type I’ve had a hard time dealing with shutting down everything I normally do. While I don’t know the future of this art project, its times like these that we can be reminded to live in the moment. Because like all things that are very, very good (and that includes this weed), life is fleeting.

The Fire Scale:

9 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥