Headstash by Cali Kush




Cali Kush


(GSC x Cherry Pie x KarmRado OG) x Biker Kush

Stats: 34.43% Total Cannabinoids

Top Terps:

Myrcene, Limonene, Caryophyllene.


$55+ taxes


Cupcake Frosting, Vanilla Gas, Anise, Fruit Leather, Black Walnut Pepper Funk core.


Med-sized. Sticky, beautiful nugs. Great trim/ manicure. Grade A.


Dry Pull: Black Licorice

Combustion: Sweet & Doughy Cake-like Gas, lingering Vanilla Maltballs.

Vapor: Mentos, Pine Kush, Candle Wax.


Average Strength – Relaxed body without couch lock. Comforting temple pressure that creeps slowly behind the eyes.


Cali Kush may look like a big scale operation, but this grower-owned and operated entity is anything but. No Canadian investors here, this is a team that has been operating since the 90’s. They have their own store in the heart of Hollywood, The Kind Center, where I was invited to sample some flavors and chat with co-owner, and true gentleman, Brian. Headstash is his favorite right now, so I decided it would be a good place to start.

The nose on this jar is as sweet as cake frosting. The Cherry Pie really comes through strong with some dried fruit, but meanwhile, the GSC contributes more sweet doughy gas. There’s just a hint of hoppy anise coming through on the backend. I keep coming back for more.

Nug selection is fantastic on the jars I got from Cali Kush. Each jar had perfectly trimmed and manicured nugs… plus… every jar was overweight by at least .06 – I later found out that they measure their 1/8ths out to at least 3.6, which just shows how much they want to take care of the consumer. Breaking up the bud exposes a really nutty black pepper funk that I cherish. My fingers are left with a savory floral resin.

Smoke is delicate and super smooth, yet has weight to it. The exhale is a plume of Wedding Cake-esque gas. Overall, it’s sweet, but not artifical. It possesses a pound cake texture, but not earthy like I would have expected. The palate finishes with a flavor that’s similar to drinking a vanilla malt or even biting into the center of a Whopper candy malted milk ball if it was coated in white chocolate and vanilla.

At 330°F the flavor turns more into a lightly mentholated hoppy yeast. There’s a touch of pine, and lingering textural sensation that reminds me of biting into candy wax lips.

Quick Note that Cali Kush prints a QR code on the package with a link to all the lab results for the flower. Nothing to hide 💪 We dig that around here – major points.

Again, thank you so much Cali Kush and The Kind Center for having me down. More to come.

The Fire Scale: 7 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥