El Presidente by Weed Without Limits x Lionboldt Farms


El Presidente


Weed Without Limits x Lionboldt Farms


Goyard x Biscotti Cake


40%+ THC




Sawdust, Halitosis, Heavy Fuel, Citrus Peel, Smoked Meat core.


Med/large nugs. Stacked with crystals inside and out. Perfect cure, trim/manicure. Just a bit too parched for my taste. Grade A.


Combustion: Heavy Gas, Vanilla, Peanut Skin & Walnut Shavings.

Vapor: Black Licorice, Brown Sugar Cookie, light Citrus Coffee.


☠☠☠ Strength – Major couch lock and stoney head high. Massive rolling body waves of euphoria and sedation.


For those of you who collect records, there’s nothing like crate digging at a small record store and finally coming across a “grail” or a “white whale.” It’s a blast of serotonin and personal accomplishment when you get to finally hold that piece of art in your hands. The hunt is over. That’s how I felt when I finally got a chance to find some El Presidente. Lionboldt Farms are fourth-generation growers from Humboldt that are putting out some of the best, and most elusive weed in the world. Unfortunately, you can’t find this in stores.

El Prez first got my attention when it was recommended to me as one of the most potent strains available. Like I always say, “A lot of weed gets you high, but only some of it tastes good.” So initially, I wasn’t too interested. But as I saw more flower from Liomboldt x Weedwithoutlimits pop up everywhere from cannabis connoisseurs, I knew I had to get my hands on some.

My nose singes from the rich and spicy, nutty fuel that shreds out of the unassuming, black mylar bag. There’s a big whiff of bad breath pepper funk – a terp that I would expect to be hidden until the grind/breakdown – but it’s not hiding anywhere. We’re at a 9 in volume here.

As I snap some photos, the air starts to fill with the light scent of orange peel – but undetectable when I bring my nose close. It’s overwhelmed by the gas. Bud structure is absolutely stunning, and stacked with cloudy white trichromes inside and out. An indication that this flower was expertly cultivated.

The smoke is thick, heavy, and slightly irritable. It feels like I’m sucking on a tailpipe. The exhale delivers a dry, nutty wallop of sweet and dirty gas exhaust like I’ve swallowed a mouthful of backfire smoke from an old moped thats being started for the first time in years. Yet there’s a marshmallow-like sweetness to it that keeps it balanced.

At 340°-370°F I can still feel how heavy and potent the material is – smaller hits are recommended unless you wanna burst into a coughing fit. The flavor significantly changes at lower temps as anise and demerara sugar dough cut through the light hoppy pine that lingers in the background.

While El Presidente packs a punch in every other category, the effect is a straight TKO. The effects land like a finishing uppercut to the jaw after a solitary bowl. This is most likely the strongest weed that I’ve ever had. I smoke all day, afternoon, and night – and this day that I tried El Prez for this first time was no exception. I waited to try it out right before bed, but the effects were so damn heavy that I ended up zoning out and staring at my phone for two hours. For those of you that follow me, you know I’ve never spoke this highly of effects. This is the real deal.

It’s been said that El Presidente reaches into the 40%+ THC category regularly and for the first time… I don’t doubt that for a second.

The Fire Scale:

9 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥