Bananalato by Cream of the Crop




Cream of the Crop


Banana OG x Gelato (#33?)


38.59% Total Cannabinoids

Top Terps:

Limonene, Caryophyllene, Pinene.


Included as part of Limited Edition gift box, which retails for around $130


Runtz Candy, Musty Sour Evergreen, Dried Apricot, Paint Thinner.


Great selection of beautiful large/med nugs. Fantastic trim/manicure.


Dry Pull: Banana Wafer

Vapor: Banana Candy, Citrus Peel, Sour Apricot Pine, tinge Burnt Rubber.

Combustion: Plantain Chip, Espresso, lingering Floral Dough.


Above-Average. Strong, comforting head pressure. Heavy eyelids. Nice body euphoria and buzz. Relaxed, tranquil.


Thank you to Cream of the Crop for hooking me up with their limited edition box set, which should be dropping in stores today. Today we are reviewing their “small batch exclusive flower”, Bananalato, which is included in the set, along with a 1.4g Sour Grapes Diamond Barrel preroll – check my story highlights for the SparkNotes on that.

Even though I did a review for Bananalato by Synergy recently, I’m not going to make any comparisons. But, it will be challenging to not cull from that experience to determine #thefirescale

A sweet, hard mixed fruit candy aroma, just liked Runtz candy, becomes the dominant first impression aroma from the jar. A deeper breath indicates a tad bit of sour forest. While the dried apricot lingers on the backend, it could be that #33 making an appearance. Lastly, there’s a light coat of paint thinner aroma that breaks free after a couple more days curing.

The bud looks gorgeous – just stacked with shimmering trichs. My nitpick with this flower is the humidity. While the bud has been cured well and perfectly manicured/trimmed, I’m just a little disappointed that for such a fresh 1/8th (packaged on 12/2) there is hardly any buoyancy left in this bud. There’s a bit of a crumble to the breakdown, without any sticky terps left behind to enjoy. But moving on..

Conbustion tends to torch banana terps into oblivion, but I can still pick them up quite nicely through higher temps – even though I’d call it more of a muted plantain chip. There’s a spicy nutmeg edge to it, before settling into a lingering slight carnation flower and dough note.

At 340°F there’s a POP! of that sweet Runtz banana coming through real strong. While a lightly acrid & dry citrus peel develops, the sour pine from the Banana OG really stands out – yet there’s a nice fruit leather roundness to the mouthfeel. A hint of melted tire lingers around on my palate. At last, the Gelato makes an appearance.

The effects are moderately strong and didn’t send me into a complete coma, but I felt a strong sense of relief, some body sedation, with a focused pressure behind the eyes. If my tolerance was a bit, I could see this being extremely effective at the end of the night. For me, it’s a good smoke whenever I’d like to enter into a chill state of mind.

I gotta hand it to Cream of the Crop on this one. This is the best flower I’ve had from them so far. I would have liked to have gotten a bit more of that Gelato musk – that sour fruit cheesy gas would have been a real interesting play against these candy banana terps. This is also one of the best Banana OG crosses that I’ve had, while most of them deliver on the nose, they tend to suffer on the palate. This did not, and I found it quite pleasurable through lower temps.

Thanks again to COTC for hooking me up with this box set for review. It releases in dispos today, December 15th.

The Fire Scale:

6 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥